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February Word of the Month: Flow

Go with the flow “Flow is said to lift experience from the ordinary to the optimal, to a Zen-like state, and it’s precisely those moments that we feel truly alive and in tune with what we are doing” ~ Mark de Rond Our Dailey Method word of the month for February is FLOW. As we […]

Fit Tip: How to FIRE your Gluteals During Thigh Work

The Dailey Method class continues to evolve in exercises and format as we learn more and more about the body and how to intelligently get a great workout that creates beautiful lean muscles and a balanced physique. Barre classes have a reputation for being challenging, and one of the consistent things I hear is how […]

January Word of the Month: Fire

FIRE is our January Word of the Month to help you begin your great New Year. This month take the time to focus on the FIRE that is inside of you. The FIRE that sparks you to accomplish amazing things and be the brightest person possible, for yourself and for others. Here is some inner-fire […]

Fit Tip: How to Savasana Like a Pro

We end all of our classes with some form of savasana and we do so for a very important reason – savasana is the final outward expression of all we have done in class! I wanted savasana to be this month’s fit tip because I think it ties in perfectly with our word of the […]

Holiday Gift Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

It’s hard to believe the holidays are already here! I love this season for many reasons – giving, being one of them. And there are many ways to give that don’t have to break the bank! Here are a few of my favorite ideas: 1. Pass along favorite books you’ve read. A few of mine […]

December Word of the Month: SMILE!

The Dailey Method word of the month for December is SMILE! This is our 4th and last secondary alignment principle and my personal favorite! Smile…. why not? I enjoy smiling, being smiled at and making other people smile. I frequently smile at strangers. No matter how bad things are, if you smile you will feel […]

November Word of the Month: Support

  Photo Credit: Shutterstock   The word for November is SUPPORT, continuing the exploration of The Dailey Method Secondary Alignment Principles: Stability, Space, Support and Smile! SUPPORT comes from within. Just like The Dailey Method practice, support is an inside-out practice. There is a tendency to think of support as something I give or as […]

October Word of the Month: Space

Our word of the month for October is SPACE which is a continuation from September of The Dailey Method Secondary Alignment Principles: Stability, Space, Support and Smile! As we Align/Engage/Move (our primary alignment principles) we can get even deeper by putting intention on the “4S’s” mentioned above. In September we practiced STABILITY, focusing on foundation, […]

September Word of the Month: Stability

The past three months we’ve highlighted our Primary Alignment Principles at The Dailey Method: Align, Engage, and Move. Our word of the month for September is STABILITY, which begins our focus on The Dailey Method Secondary Alignment Principles: Stability, Space, Support and Smile (4S’s)!  Photo Credit As we Align, Engage and Move we can refine our practice and […]

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