What does the word DEDICATION mean to you? It could mean the act of honoring something (as in a book or song dedication). It may also mean the act of committing to something or showing up, no matter what (as in, you commit to your TDM practice on strong days and difficult days)!

May Word of the Month: Dedication l The Dailey Method

“DEDICATION” is our word of the month for May. If you’re feeling ready to take your your practice to the next level, it’s time to engage deeply, and flex your most important muscles… (you might be surprised?!)… your BRAIN and HEART!

You already know The Dailey Method works literally every muscle in your body, offering a physical practice that challenges and changes your body, but this physical practice is greatly impacted by two other things that we tend to overlook: Head and Heart. Take your practice deep every day by using a “Dailey Dedication.” This is a tool to help you focus your 1) Attention and 2) Intention.

First (to get more centered and connected body/mind/heart) ask yourself:

– WHY do you practice The Dailey Method?

– How does The Dailey Method make you feel?

– How does The Dailey Method affect your physical body? What body sensations do you feel during and after a great practice?

– How does The Dailey Method affect your brain? What are your thoughts during and after a great class?

– How does The Dailey Method impact your emotions? What emotions do you notice during and after you practice?

Next, think about how you can use the practice of “Mindfulness” (amazing; look it up!) to turn your physical practice into a LIFE practice.

A Dailey Dedication will help you be mindful, focusing your:

1) Attention – At the beginning, end, (and as often in class as you remember) ARRIVE in this moment (be present) and NOTICE (observe) yourself, checking your thoughts, body sensations and emotions. Dedicate yourself to paying attention and being present. With practice, you’ll become a pro in the studio. And, in time, you’ll be able to apply those same studio practices to “center” in any life circumstances. It’s been said “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.” How will you choose to practice?

2) Intention – You may notice when you get quiet and actually pay attention (to your body/mind/heart) that certain things really stand out – in your body sensations, your thoughts or your emotions. If you become aware of a feeling, energy, thought or emotion you really want to cultivate – set that intention! Invite that energy! Dedicate to it. Dedicate to space… strength… love… gratitude… stability. Dedicate to going with the flow! Being in the Dailey Dance! There is no wrong dedication. It’s great as long as it’s positive and intentional. Choose from your heart.

Some of the benefits of practicing Mindfulness and using a Dailey Dedication in class include:

– Intentional use of energy

– Balanced effort and ease

– The ability to focus

– The Zen-like experience of a “moving meditation”

– Presence

– Connection

– Endurance

– Relevance

– Serenity

– Empowerment

– Transformation

– Increased feelings of happiness, trust and joy

– Decreased feelings of sadness, stress and anxiety

– Freedom and contentedness in body, mind and heart

– A lasting practice (beyond the one hour of class)

We’d love to hear how using a Dailey Dedication changes your practice. Please try it and share your stories with us!

Practice Inside-Out this month by engaging your heart and brain! Choose a Dailey Dedication for your practice in every class you take and choose a dedication that is loving and supportive of where you are each day. Not sure where to begin? Your dedication might be as simple as “enjoy your breath.”

Setting a Dailey Dedication will help ensure your TDM practice is not just an amazing physical practice in the studio, but also a transformational life practice.

Engage your head and heart this month in the studio. And most importantly: Carry your practice with you as you go.

Yours in Dailey Dedication,

— Jill and Lorna