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This month’s word of the month is Brave. There are many ways that we can practice bravery to help us expand our lives, but one of the easiest ways is to challenge our comfort zone by doing something different. It is easy to fall into patterns in all the areas of our lives, but to stay keenly mentally and physically engaged in life, it’s important to mix things up. Here are a few tips on how to get out of your comfort zone in your Dailey Method practice – but you can relate these tips to other areas of your life too!

1. Try a new Teacher

Of course we all have the teachers that we want to follow, that challenge or inspire us in ways that we love, but every single teacher brings their own unique personality and knowledge to their classes. I appreciate taking class from different teachers because I often times hear an instruction in a slightly different way that can create a huge “aha” moment for me to get deeper into my alignment, engagement or just to learn a new variation that’s fun! So if you see a new name on the schedule, don’t fear – see it as an opportunity to learn something new!

2. Take class at a different time of day

Routine is obviously important when it comes to being successful at having a regular workout schedule but it is also great to mix it up once in awhile. While I prefer to take class in the morning, there are times when I have to take in afternoon in order to fit in my workout. When that happens I do notice that my body tends to be more warmed up and I can get deeper into my stretches. Also in the afternoon or evenings I can oftentimes stay more mentally focused since I don’t have so much on my checklist to distract me. If you ALWAYS attend the 4:30 class maybe set an early alarm this week to see how it feels to take class at 6:00 am and have your workout done early. Mix it up!

3. Pick a different spot in the room

It sounds silly but it’s amazing how big of a difference it can make to stand in a different spot in the studio. When you always take class in “your spot”, you only get one vantage point and you also get that feeling of “comfort” – so shake things up a bit. Pick a completely different spot in the room. If you always stand in the back of the class, pick a spot in the front and notice how much more you see with the mirror, this can help you tremendously self adjust your alignment. Or vice versa, if you always stand in the front of the room, try picking a spot in the back. Perhaps without the visual component, you’ll be able to be more mentally engaged and HEAR the cues differently that day.

4. Try a different type of class

Do you always take Dailey Barre? Try out a Dailey Interval for a fun cardio boost or if you’re lucky enough to live near one, a Dailey Cycle class. Or venture back to a Dailey Basics class. Even though I have been taking class for 15 years, I still love to take a Basics class every once in a while. There is more focus on setup and alignment and less on movement, which can make the class even more challenging because you’re forced to stay deeply mentally engaged. Oftentimes I get more sore from a Dailey Basics class than any other!

5. Go a little deeper!

If you have been coming for a while, you have likely found a spot in your practice that challenges you but is still somewhat comfortable. Today try to go just a little bit deeper (while still listening to your body of course). Keep your alignment but find a new edge. Challenge yourself to go half an inch further down in your narrow V, keep the 3 lb weights for triceps for a few repetitions, or see if you can release your hands, even just for a moment, in seated pretzel or roundback. Be Brave. Do something different today, even if is is just a small degree of difference. You’ll feel stronger because of it, maybe not necessarily physically, but definitely mentally!

I hope these tips help you #bebravedailey!

— Jill