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June Word of the Month: Brave

“It takes courage to become who you really are” – E.E. Cummings Have you ever found yourself thinking about someone else – “Wow, he or she is really brave” – as they did something you view as remarkable, seemingly without any fear at all? It’s easy to hear the word “brave” and attach it to […]

Fit Tip: Why a Dedicated Practice Ensures Success

Today, we live in a very ‘instant gratification’ society. I see this continually with my children; they don’t want to do something because “they don’t know how” or “they’re not good at it.” Well, how do you get good at something? You practice! In the first years of my Dailey Method teaching, I was given […]

May Word of the Month: Dedication

What does the word DEDICATION mean to you? It could mean the act of honoring something (as in a book or song dedication). It may also mean the act of committing to something or showing up, no matter what (as in, you commit to your TDM practice on strong days and difficult days)! “DEDICATION” is […]

April Word of the Month: Vibrant

VIBRANT is our April Word of the Month, and we believe that word defines exactly who we are *meant* to be. But sometimes we need to create space to remember who we really are, to be able to release what we are not, to allow our most vibrant selves to shine inside-out. How about some […]

Fit Tip: Embrace the Shake

To Embrace the Shake… Or not?? The Dailey Method is well known for its ability to get your muscles shaking. Although this can initially be a bit disconcerting it is simply a sign that your muscles are beginning to reach their maximum point of fatigue. This “point of fatigue” can differ from day to day […]

March Word of the Month: Embrace

Photo Credit “Embracing your true self radiates a natural beauty that cannot be diluted or ignored.” ~ Steve Maraboli Practicing “Inside-Out” is trademark at The Dailey Method. But what does this really mean in our bodies and in our lives? How do we get better at tuning-out the noise of the outside world, and tuning-in […]

Fit Tip: The Flow of The Dailey Method

One of the things I regularly hear our students say about The Dailey Method is that they love the variety. No two classes or teachers are the same, it’s never predictable; enabling them to stay focused, present and continually challenged. Within all this wonderful variety, there is a very intentional format that has evolved over […]

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