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Word of the Month: Focus

FOCUS: Def. v. to pay particular attention to With COVID, came a bunch of chaos we’ve all had to navigate through over the past several months. It is a huge reason why we chose “Focus” as our September Word of the Month (WOM) in an intentional effort to support ourselves and our communities in setting […]

A New Method Move That Will Change Your Life Forever

We’ve all heard of the infamous Waterski… and we get our glorious glutes from the Fold-over… but have you ever heard of the “Lean In?” This is the most important exercise yet. The “Lean In” move is a practice in vulnerability which helps create deep and meaningful relationships. I know, I know – “But that […]

It's time! Align & Shine 2017

While we emphasize health and holistic well-being all year round at the Dailey Method, we are particularly excited for our Align & Shine Challenge – a time to revisit intentions and rekindle our commitment to take care of ourselves. Last year, during the four weeks of the International Align & Shine Challenge, we saw transformation […]

Wrap Up: Summer Neutral Spine Photo Contest

I want to give a huge shout out you to all of you that joined us in our summer Neutral Spine challenge. At The Dailey Method we know that neutral spine is our healthiest position both in and outside the studio and it looks like our community truly embraces our belief! There were so many […]

Align & Shine Challenge Testimonials

9 Days later and I’m still reaping some rewards of our Dailey Method international Align & Shine Challenge. One of them being given the opportunity to hear how something we created- for fun and for community- ended up having a beautiful impact on so many people. And, how it even moved forward from there! Here […]

June Word of The Month: Reflect

I chose the word REFLECT for June because I would love to have everyone that participated in the Align and Shine Challenge join me with intention to reflect on our experiences. We grow by reflection, by thinking about what we did right, and what we did wrong (or where we could grow). What felt great, […]

Authenticity At Its Best: Heather Hemmer

There are times when I go out to dinner with new friends or a group of colleagues and choose to pass on dessert or that second glass of wine. I get a variety of comments from, “You are so good.. how can you not eat dessert??” to “You look great, why are you skipping dessert? […]

May Word of The Month: Shine

“Shine with all you have. When someone tries to blow you out, just take their oxygen and burn brighter.” ― Katelyn S. (Irons) Bolds I picked the WOM this month to reflect how we want to feel from our efforts during The Dailey Method Align & Shine Challenge. Make it a daily practice to take care […]

Recap: Align & Shine Challenge Facebook Pre Party with Jill

Last Tuesday night, I held a Pre Party on Facebook for any questions you may have had about our upcoming Align and Shine Challenge (challenge starts Monday, May 2nd). If you didn’t get to join us, here is a peek at a few of our conversations. Question: Jill I love my wine and like most things it’s […]

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