“Shine with all you have. When someone tries to blow you out, just take their oxygen and burn brighter.” ― Katelyn S. (Irons) Bolds

I picked the WOM this month to reflect how we want to feel from our efforts during The Dailey Method Align & Shine Challenge. Make it a daily practice to take care of our bodies AND our souls. I’m personally so excited for this 4- week period, to have a new intention each day to help me continue to find balance in my life. Tonight, I’m also excited about my newly clean refrigerator. I thought I had a funny story about the moldy applesauce I found in the back of the top shelf- but my class tonight informed me I needn’t necessarily overshare. So I’ll just say… thank you Align & Shine Challenge Day 3! My life/space feels more organized already.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 7.26.28 PM

I also love that this challenge is coming right after 4 full days of our annual Dailey Method owner’s retreat in Fairfax, CA. It was truly amazing! Talk about SHINE! The men and women that own and operate The Dailey Methods around the world truly do shine. And when we get together, we reflect off of each other and all walk away, I believe, burning a little bit brighter. The energy in the room is infectious. It inspires me to be better in life, as a person, a parent, a sister, a daughter, a friend – and it makes me so happy. (Some behind the scenes shots for you: https://flipagram.com/f/oXPmuDBsKO)

One of our keynote speakers was Lara Galloway. Lara personally coaches me and has created fantastic tools filled with guidance, advice, and exercises based on years of coaching entrepreneurs. Her presence was empowering and engaging. As part of her discussion, she urged us to think about our definition of success, our priorities, and how much of our day we spend on our actual priorities.

Now, in your first week of the Align & Shine Challenge, it’s important to align your daily actions with your priorities, not the things you think you need to do, but the things you have determined are the most important to do. Take a look for yourself. Find, or create a moment of quiet, and fill out this worksheet. Ensure that your actions are aligned with your priorities. For instance, family is one of my priorities and tonight that means a school project with my son. I also have twenty other things that need to get done (don’t we all?), but at the kitchen table, by his side, is where you’ll find me. That’s the top of my list and I’m (slowly) learning that oftentimes that means I have to let some other things go.

To me, to shine, means to burn my brightest, to be my best every day. To give light forward in order to move in my own direction but also to reflect it to others to spark them to shine their brightest light. What does Shine mean to you? I’d love to hear.

A hike with Dailey Method owners definitely also means Shine to me.

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Let’s “Burn Bright like a Diamond!” all month long- together.