Last Tuesday night, I held a Pre Party on Facebook for any questions you may have had about our upcoming Align and Shine Challenge (challenge starts Monday, May 2nd). If you didn’t get to join us, here is a peek at a few of our conversations.

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Question: Jill I love my wine and like most things it’s better in moderation. Can you tell me what your typical day of eating looks like?

Answer: Green smoothie for breakfast that was shared on Facebook. I love the raw spicy veggie soup from Urban Remedy for lunch. Dinner favorite is creating bowls with my kids. A protein and lots of veggies and letting them make their own. I also love eggs for any meal. Oh… and a glass of wine in the evening.


Question: Jill, why did you decide to do 4 classes for this challenge as opposed to 3 per week?

Answer: 4 classes per week is when I feel my best. It’s my magic number.


Question: Hi Jill! I’m currently in my second 30 Clean and wondering, for someone like me who doesn’t live near a studio, will you be putting out more online classes during the challenge?

Answer: We are filming 5 more tomorrow, they usually take 6 weeks to upload. It will be a great motivator for you to continue after the Align and Shine challenge!


Question: Dear Jill, any suggestions for providing meals for your family while focusing on The 30 clean plan for yourself? I find it hard to do meal prep for myself then figure out what the rest of my family will eat each day…seems overwhelming and time consuming on an already tight schedule!

Answer: When I’ve done The 30 clean I’ve made the same meal for my kids as I make for myself. You can always add a little cheese or some rice to their meal. For example- for breakfast I would have eggs over last night’s vegetables and make eggs and toast for the kids.


Question: Dear Jill, I need some tips/encouragement that I’ll be able to do this challenge even though I’m in a boot for an ankle ligament tear. I can take barre classes but haven’t been able to do interval or other cardio for a while. It’s hard at times to get enough exercise and movement. Any suggestions? I heard you were injured once, too.

Answer: I totally understand! I was in a boot for 6 weeks but was able to take a Dailey barre class the entire time and really felt like I was able to stay in shape. Don’t worry about the cardio. Your body needs a rest from this right now. You’re expending so much energy just walking around with that heavy boot. Ask your Studio owner to get a stool or chair you can sit on in class for the standing and single leg series. And lots of single leg lifts, back work with the band and core work. This time will pass quickly.


Question: Jill, do you suggest to do the dailey “align” challenge after class together with other students that are joining the challenge?

Answer: Absolutely! This Challenge should be fun and interactive! Don’t forget to post pics and videos 🙂

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Thank you to everyone who joined us during the Q&A. I’m looking forward to 4 weeks of Aligning and Shining by your side! Share your journey with us on Facebook and Instagram! #livingadaileylife