FOCUS: Def. v. to pay particular attention to

With COVID, came a bunch of chaos we’ve all had to navigate through over the past several months. It is a huge reason why we chose “Focus” as our September Word of the Month (WOM) in an intentional effort to support ourselves and our communities in setting aside the external distractions inevitably out of our control. Self-care is needed like never before, and so with a new month comes an amazing opportunity to reestablish our focus on ourselves.

At The Dailey Method, we have 100% excelled and succeeded at accomplishing our detailed focus on all things barre, helping people get stronger and more confident, as well as supporting them in discovering optimal alignment for the last 20 years! (Yes, you heard that right! We hit our 20 year anniversary of TDM in 2020!!). It’s incredible because those two decades, dedicated to focusing on one thing, have provided us a unique opportunity to engage with our community and teach movement in a way that makes us all feel amazing from the inside out.

With this milestone, we never anticipated a global pandemic nor how it would shape our world. Everything from our businesses, work-life, social activities, and even schooling our children have gone virtual. This constant interaction with devices can be incredibly distracting – not to mention mentally draining. In addition to that comes an unknown and the harsh reality that we have no idea when our lives will return to “normal.”

Given these uncertainties, changes, and challenges, The Dailey Method has made it a goal for September to support you with setting an intention to focus your energies and strength more inward to practice redirecting your worries towards that of self-care.

Our annual Align & Shine Challenge starts this month. Whether you’re in a virtual or hybrid community with TDM, we have 20 days (September 21-October 10) of opportunities for you to learn with us, give back to yourself, and practice radiating from the inside – out!

Stay tuned for how to sign up and participate!

Until then, here are some ideas and ways for you to begin to Focus on YOU!!!

  • Life continually throws us unexpected challenges. We throw them at you in the class choreography! In your next TDM class, focus your energy and attention on how gracefully, or not, you adjust to what is unexpected. Focus on the “noticing” versus judging so that in a moment’s notice, you can shift your focus to grace and acceptance – therefore guiding you towards success and strength! This can be carried into your life practice too.
  • Focus on a part of your body you rarely place attention on in any given exercise. Set your mind on an intentional focus to listen to what your teacher says about this body part or movement. By directing your brain to focus on these auditory cues, you begin contracting the same muscle needed in your life to be in whatever moment you are in and focus on only what is in front of you.
  • Focus on a life circumstance with insurmountable trust that it will soon change like everything else on the planet. This will help you stay present in your daily life and even in a class setting knowing that change is just around the corner. Starting here and from a place of trust/acceptance of what is – will help you awaken parts of your body, mind, and spirit so that you deepen your life practice in ways you didn’t know were possible.
  • Focus energy on leading with your light and what you love best about yourself during each of your Dailey (and daily!!) activities. Look for what’s good, positive, hopeful, and let that focus pull you away from what might be negative or scary. This will inevitably support you by highlighting your outward expression of self-confidence. This deliberate focus will do wonders for you with respect to quieting any self-criticism and will magnify what makes you shine!

Have the best month and stay healthy!

With Love,