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One of the many reasons I love the summer is that it gives me more downtime to read. One of my favorite things to do! Here is a list of titles I’ve read, books I am currently reading, what I intend to pick up next, and stories I just can’t quit recommending!

Boston Girl by Ann Diamanté:

Boston 2

I love the way this book is written. It’s narrated by a grandmother to her granddaughter, explaining her life growing up in Boston from childhood to elderly age and emphasizes the depression of the 1920’s. She had a hard life in such a difficult time but she insisted on being an independent woman and it all paid off. Thank you to all the women who have exerted their rights, paved the path and who made it possible and easier for all of us in the generations following.

The Swans of Fifth Avenue by Melanie Benjamin:

Swans 2

I picked this up at the library (so practical!) because Truman Capote interests me and what girl doesn’t want to read about the glamor of the women of the Upper East Side? It’s an easy read that makes you feel like you’re right there! The conversations, relationships, lifestyle and outfits are all completely fascinating. Oh, what those women wore! FABULOSITY (yes…I know it’s not a word). I gawked, laughed, cried and rolled my eyes along with each of them. The ending – oh whoops – I won’t give it away. But it did make me get online to research and make sure it was (mostly) true. Babe – oh what a beautiful, gentle, sad creature.

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty:

Alice 2

This is my current read. It’s about a woman who falls down during a spin class (which, of course, no Dailey Cycle class would allow!) and who then loses an entire decade of her life. She thinks she is 28 when she’s actually about to celebrate her 40th birthday! An unlikely recommendation, but it reads fluidly. She thinks she is still in love with her ex-husband and knows nothing about her three children. I am loving it so far!

Night 2

Night by Elie Wiesel:

I guess I’m on a bit of a history binge right now but great fiction and readable non-fiction books that impart a ton of “true-to-life” knowledge is right up my alley! The more history I can absorb and digest – the smarter I feel. And who doesn’t want that?!?

Since this brilliant man recently passed away and the history he imparts is so important, I want to honor him and learn from him.  As soon as I’m finished with What Alice Forgot, which won’t take long since I’m on vacation, I’ll share my reflections with you on this one!

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr:

All Light 2

I recommended this last year in my book blog post and I continue to give it huge kudos! It’s truly one of the most spectacular reads of my life and I remember so much about it on a regular basis. I admit this is a rarity for me. Oftentimes, even books I love become out of sight, out of mind. But not this one! Everyone I know that has read it has also been truly captivated and moved by it. It actually inspired my recent day trip to St. Malo in France where the majority of the book took place. Note my #livingadaileylife #neutralspine picture above. Please don’t miss this one if you love to read!

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”  – Sir Richard Steele