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Thank you everyone that showed up for our Q&A Tuesday night. It was really, really fun. Here’s the wrap up of the most asked questions and our favorites. It will be live for a couple more days too, so go online and check them out. A lot of fun, informative videos!

What’s my Bucket list for the Summer?

The KIDS! Summer for me is about my kids and I want to do things with them that will make me happy, them happy, and bring us connection with each other. I also am spending some great time with my extended family which makes me really happy. And happiness is how we fill our bucket…. right?

How do you get your  body bikini ready for the summer?

Bikini body? What does that really mean? Is anyone ever REALLY happy with how their body looks in a bikini? I want to be, I strive to be, I know I’m strong, I know I’m healthy, and that I feel good in my body most of the time. So I put on a bikini and I embrace it and continue to move. I swim, I paddle board and I work on my tan. And never forget- good posture and confidence always makes your bikini look better.

Vacation without wifi?

OMG my 14 year old daughter would die, literally! Actually…. the question was “how do I stay in shape without wifi?” My top recommendations are the most super efficient ones (hard to pick because TDM is SUPER efficient)!

  • Squat- turned out or parallel for thigh, seat and back body strength. Do 30 reps and go slow and as low as you can (keep your hips above your knees at all times to stay engaged).
  • Push-ups- core strength and arm strength all in one.
  • Straight arm plank with knee pulls (there’s no muscle in your body you don’t target with this one).
  • High c-curve to give that extra abdominal push.

DONE! Subscribe to our online streaming videos. This workout will be up in a couple months for you to easily memorize.

How to get more flexible?

Splits is your dream? In order to have true balance in your body the flexibility component is as equally important to strength and a lot of workouts leave this out. Not TDM. Stay engaged. Mentally and physically. When you engage the opposite muscle it allows the targeted muscle much more length. If you want to stretch your hamstrings engage your quadricep, if you want to stretch the hip flexors engage the base of your seat. Breathe. Inhalation allows you to lengthen more, Exhalation allows you to deepen. Breathe in your stretches. Stay present- this will keep one and two working for you! And might give you the mental focus component you need to reset your day. Meditation in movement. Hold it! There’s not always enough time in every class and every stretch but if you really want to create change stay in there and be focused for 30 or more seconds.

How do you help your aging parent with their posture?

I LOVED this question because it’s something I see in my mother and so many of my older clients. But also because the questioner shows the true Dailey Method community. Elisa has recently become a teacher at the Naperville Studio in Illinois and her mother is my god mother. It’s a full circle of the family that this business has allowed me to create and maintain. Yay!

So… back body engagement is the key to good posture. Gravity (damn it!) wants to pull it all forward. One of the things I’m most proud about with our classes is the balance to the body we provide. It’s not all about arms and thighs, it’s about full body, front, back and side to side. We need to strengthen our back body core muscles equally to front and back. Especially as we age. Don’t deny it! You’re aging too. We all are. Let’s be our best!

I LOVE your questions and want to teach you. Keep on asking. And stay tuned for our next Q&A so you can do it LIVE. I might even shoot a video just for you!

Stay #summerstrong with #thedaileymethod.