What are you doing wrong in your Dailey Method barre class? Check out the 5 most common mistakes I see. (Hint: Choosing the right spot in class is so important I had to give it 2 notes out of 5!)


  1. Barre class intimidating? We hope not. Our goal is that we build a community where everyone feels welcome, comfortable, and supported. But oftentimes, the first time we do something, it doesn’t necessarily feel comfortable. That will cause a lot of people to hide in the back corner which is NOT what you want to do to able to understand the positioning, truly see what your body is doing, and have the best view of the ones that will help model for you.  Take the risk and jump up front. Watch yourself in the mirror! Focus on you, not worrying about who might see you. No one is looking at you, they’re focused on themselves.  Well….the teacher is looking, but he or she is there to support you.
  2. Working out with chatty friends. Working out with friends is fantastic! It gives you motivation, someone to be accountable to, and a great opportunity to catch up. But do that before or afterward your workout. Don’t stand next to your best friend, or the person that wants to be your best friend, or the person you haven’t seen in awhile. And DEFINITELY not when there might but something juicy to talk about. This is your hour for yourself. To stay present with yourself. You’ll compromise the value you get out of the one hour by chitchatting with your neighbor. You’ll lose focus, transitions and engagement. You’ll disrupt people around you… AND you’ll annoy your teacher.  And it’s usually a good idea to keep your barre teacher on your good side, otherwise he or she may say 50 more!
  3. Leaving early. The workout is important, but the time to allow it to integrate and stretch, relax and be present in your body towards the end of class is what ties it all together. Schedule your next appointment for 20 minutes after class ends, not 5. Release into the meditation and have time to hang from the stall barre before you leave. Give yourself the gift of being able to be there for the full 60 minutes.
  4. Letting your mind wander.  Sometimes I’ll see someone fixing their makeup in the mirror during thigh work, commenting on their wrinkles (laugh lines preferably) in seat work or checking their fingernails in plank. Life is distracting, things pull our minds away, we self judge a lot. That will happen but as soon as you notice it pull away.  Commit yourself to being the most present you possibly can for this one hour. Give yourself all you got and you’ll get so much more out of it.
  5. Working too hard OR not hard enough. Sometimes our bodies need a rest and it’s not good for it to go full out. Sometimes we need a little more yang in life and need to push ourselves through that 20 at the end when it’s REALLY hard. Listen to what your body wants and needs and respond to it.

Barre up – with style, grace and focus.