This is always such an interesting time of year. I love the Holidays. I really enjoy the giving process, the quality time with family and the celebrations with friends. But I must admit that I’m relieved when the tree is taken down and the kids finally go back to school. I appreciate it when my life and house get back to a semblance of a normal schedule.

I just arrived home from the ideal way to begin a New Year- participating in our first Dailey Method weekend retreat. It was held at the Solage Resort in Calistoga, which is relaxing, beautiful and has great service and amenities. We offered TDM classes taught by myself and Sharon Lucheta and spinning classes and Chinese Medicine education by Mary Arnold. Everyone treated themselves to spa treatments, saunas, mineral baths and amazing meals. Also a majority of the attendees replaced one or two meals with fresh juices to give our digestive systems a break and help to press the reset button on some of the habits or cravings that we incurred during the Holidays. I LOVED it all and am hoping that this avenue continues so others can experience this rewarding way of nurturing ones mind, soul, and body.

I’m not one to make New Year’s Resolutions. Sometimes the wait for the resolutions start date incites continuing behavior that we don’t feel is ideal for ourselves. I want to constantly be working on the qualities I want to improve. The prouder I am of my actions and myself and the more confident I am in my path the better my life experience is. This takes constant and never ending work. Fortunately I enjoy the process.

This New Year is an exciting one for the Dailey Method. We had our Studio owners retreat in November and connected with all the amazing minds and bodies behind this company. At the retreat there were some changes put into place that have survived the trial period and exceeded all expectations for improving an already amazing class. These changes include increased neutral spine work, some cuing that helps hone in on clients understanding of the deeper more intrinsic muscles that are so important for our strength and stability, and a shift of the barre stretch component of class to help balance out the work and flexibility of each muscle. Over the last few months months I have gotten so much positive feedback from clients and I have also seen bodies change even more than ever. It’s so exciting, and makes me incredibly proud to be part of a culture that is so dedicated in helping people be, feel, and look their best.

Happy 2011 to everyone. May you have core, stability, alignment, confidence and love all year long.