I am very happy that I can finally announce the arrival of The Dailey Method DVD. This project was a huge leap for me, but one I’m incredibly grateful I took.

I’m not sure if it was Eleanor Roosevelt or lululemon that first coined “do something every day that scares you” but I totally agree. (I really do know who first coined it but lululemon gets credit for it becoming mainstream!) When we do something we fear there’s a sense of accomplishment that helps us become braver, more confident and stronger whether it’s inside or out.

I chose the title “No Excuses” because I really made this for my clients who want their Dailey Method class while they’re traveling or on the days that the kids are sick or the car won’t start. Of course, the value of being in an actual class- the energy, camaraderie and hands-on personal corrections by instructors- is unbeatable, but sometimes that isn’t an option. Here’s the next best thing.

I have acknowledged that the title was relevant for me as well. For 10+ years I’ve had people constantly asking me to produce a video and WOW did I come up with excuses. I finally realized that the excuses were primarily to protect me from my own fears. This class and business have extended way beyond what I ever expected and I felt that I owed this video to the clients that have supported me for all these years and the incredible people that have taken this business on as their own and made it a part of their communities. I also did it for my Mom. She’s always wanted to be able to do the class at home by herself.

My goal was to make the classes and experience as close as possible to taking a Dailey Method class from me in the Studio. It wasn’t overly scripted and rehearsed so that the real environment of the class is portrayed. There are some imperfections but that’s what real life is. I also chose some long-time clients as my demos along with Instructors. Katina and Maggie, who are upfront, are my master teachers and trainers. Everyone involved is someone that has practiced the Dailey Method for years and has been empowered and changed by the workout and culture. In addition, each person in the video is someone that I love and receive tremendous support from in my life. That was exactly the environment I needed to create in order to push myself through this, and I am so glad I did!

I am excited for people to see what this Method really does for each body and that although we are all different, we can each have OUR best body: a body that is strong inside and out. I hope that this video will motivate each person that sees it, challenging them to reach new levels of fitness and focus, while becoming a little stronger, braver and more confident every day.