I have three amazing children and either taught or took class up to the day of my delivery with each pregnancy. That gives me 27 months of practical application learning what works and doesn’t work on a pregnant body! Each pregnancy was a distinct learning experience, and I appreciate being able to share that with people that are going through their own pregnancies.

One tremendous benefit for pregnant clients is that our classes emphasize engaging your pelvic floor during class. The pelvic floor takes focus to target, but it’s one of the most important stabilizing forces in our entire core and should be part of our exercise regime. I mention in class sometimes that I never did a kiegl during pregnancy, which is true. But my strength and stability were and are amazing because of almost every exercise in our class. We have a continuing emphasis on maintaining an inward draw off all of your muscles towards your bones and this is the same focus when trying to engage your pelvic floor musculature. Just deeper.

The stronger you are internally, the more relaxed you are externally. If you are staying focused internally and able to release the superficial muscles you’ll be able to work much deeper and take your practice to a higher level. Strength within and softness without is a great goal. The ability to combine strength and stability with a compassionate softness is also in alignment with the skills you will need as a new mom (along with a healthy dose of patience!)

Many pregnant women are able to participate in 90% of our class without any modifications, but we are happy to give modifications for any position in which they feel discomfort. Many of our Instructors have experienced pregnancy themselves, and all are specifically trained in working with pregnant women and helping them tailor the class specifically to their needs, which can change from day to day throughout a pregancy. This is why we are able to allow new pregnant clients to begin classes (with a Dr.’s approval) and afford them the convenience of participating in any class on the schedule.

The Dailey Method has helped hundreds of pregnant women maintain or achieve fitness during their pregnancy. I have heard so many amazing testimonies (below are a few) from our clients about their enhanced experience with childbirth and recovery due to their practice at our studios, and it’s also always fun to see the result in the child care room a few weeks later! We also offer a great way to bounce back with our “New Mom” Special of 3 months of unlimited classes for only $450.

– Jill

“I highly recommend TDM during pregnancy. I attended class 3-4x per week throughout my pregnancy. It helped me maintain muscle tone and build strength/endurance (doing the exercises with extra weight is a boost!). All the instructors were incredibly mindful to ensure correct positions and adjustments. I firmly believe TDM was instrumental in a quick recovery and losing the baby weight extremely fast.” — Trina Van Pelt”

“The Dailey Method was such a treat for me during pregnancy. It helped me feel strong, healthy and in control of my body as much as one can be while pregnant! My lower back was strong from the exercises and supported my weight gain and pressure of a big belly in front. My OB actually commented on how strong my abdominal muscles were and how great it was that I had that muscle memory to keep my stomach strong (and also how it would quickly go back to normal after the birth!). All of the instructors were amazingly helpful giving me accommodations to keep me safe and I felt wonderful to be staying active! More than just the workout itself however, I found that the deep breathing and focusing that I used in class was immensely helpful when I was pushing during contractions and giving birth. I would recommend DM over a birthing class in a heartbeat!!” — Emily Campbell

“I exercised with my first pregancy. Well, sort of. Walks around the park, a few yoga dvds, etc. But here’s the truth, being a mother takes strength. Carrying a 25 pound toddler who wants to run back into the toy store takes patience AND muscles. When I discovered The Dailey Method when my son was a year old, I watched my body transform into a stronger, leaner one, the kind of body I wanted and needed for my life. So when I was pregnant with my daughter, I happily continued to attend classes at The Dailey Method . The instructors were fantastically supportive and willing to help me with modifications to make sure I kept my body strong in a way that respected my changing physique. One of my proudest moments as a pregnant woman was when during a particularly grueling set of thigh work, the instructor pointed to me and yelled out, “Look ladies, she can do it, and she’s eight months pregnant.” Needless to say, I’m still an avid fan of The Dailey Method, and love the way attending class reminds me of the amazing strength and power of a woman’s body.” — Carson Buck