Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 8.59.58 AMThe Dailey Method has exploded in the past few years with multiple new class options that speak to every BODY’s fitness desires. With the introduction of Dailey Interval (our 45 minute non-impact cardio booster) and Dailey Cycle (45 minute heart pounding, spirit and seat lifting indoor cycle ride taught to the beat of the music), our students are not only feeling the traditional burn and shake of Dailey Barre but are enjoying the benefits of some serious sweat as well!  

Here are our answers to some frequently asked questions about sweat:

Q: Why do we sweat?

A:  Sweating is our body’s way of cooling itself down. When we get hot our brain sends a signal to our sweat glands to release moisture; as the moisture evaporates, our body cools off.

Q:  I’ve heard I can “detox” my liver and kidneys by sweating more – is that true??

A: Unfortunately it takes a lot more than a good sweat to keep your liver and kidneys healthy and clean (think healthy balanced diet including lots of water). Sweat contains primarily water, some sodium and chloride and a small amount of potassium. Be wary of claims that exercising in a hot room or sweating it out in a sauna will provide “detoxifying” benefits. In fact, if you allow yourself to overheat and dehydrate you could actually risk harming your kidneys rather than cleaning them up!

Q:  My skin seems to glow after a good sweaty workout – am I just imagining this??

A:  You are not imagining! If there is one organ in our body that does reap detoxifying benefits from sweat, it is our skin. Sweating causes your pores to open up (like an esthetician using steam to open up your pores at the beginning of a facial). Sweating can also help to kill bacteria on the skin’s surface through a natural antibiotic contained in sweat. However, leaving sweat on your skin for too long can have an opposite effect causing skin irritation so make sure to clean and care for your skin well after a sweaty workout.

Q: Will sweating help me lose weight?

A:  The amount you sweat during a workout does not translate into the number of calories burned. Many factors determine how much you sweat when you work out (exercise intensity, room temperature, gender, dietary habits, hormones & choice of clothing fabric, to name a few). The water weight you may lose from an extra sweaty workout is temporary. Your body needs water to function properly and will quickly rehydrate itself as soon as you drink or eat post workout. Resist the urge to exercise in a heated environment with the false hope of weight loss.  

As you explore all of your options at The Dailey Method (and we highly recommend you explore all of your studio’s offerings!), notice how you feel after each workout. Here are some of my personal observations of how my body feels after each unique Dailey experience along with a sweat rating (1 – 5 drops!) for those of you that are wondering.

  • Dailey Barre: this is my true love and where I feel most at home. The mental focus it takes to maintain alignment, the muscular stamina and endurance it takes to hold the deep muscular contractions of each pose and the balance of focused stretching filtered throughout the class leave me with a natural high and feeling of calm and confidence that can carry me through the most hectic of days. Sweat rating: 2.5 drops. I can still pull it together to head out to lunch with friends sans shower!
  • Dailey Basics: this is my “go to” during a week where I am in need of a bit more ease. I love how Dailey Basics allows me to revisit the simplicity of each pose and truly appreciate how strong I can be in stillness. It’s also a fantastic way to ease back into Dailey after a long summer vacation! Sweat rating: 2 drops. This one surprises me sometimes! Holding still can actually make me more sweaty on occasion.
  • Dailey Gentle: I am in LOVE with this new Dailey offering! This class reminds me that I have the choice to stay fit and healthy no matter what. Coming back from an injury? Just had a baby? Want an amazingly focused workout that will teach you new things about your body that you can bring to all of your classes? This is the class for you! Sweat rating: 1.5 drops. The slower transitions cool me down, but the heat still builds with the intense alignment focus of each exercise.
  • Dailey Interval: This offering ups the sweat factor for sure! I love Dailey Interval on a day that I’m ready to completely lose myself in the music, movement, and momentum of a group class. In Dailey Interval I feel powerful and am somehow motivated to push harder through each interval series. By the time final rest comes, there is nothing left but pure endorphin bliss! Sweat rating: 4+ drops. A towel is in order, and do not forget your water bottle!
  • Dailey Cycle: Absolutely.Dripping.With.Sweat! This class steams up the room in the best of ways. Music blasting, endorphins flowing, sweat dripping. The Dailey Method’s signature attention to alignment centers, focuses and completes this class for me with a feeling of nothing left behind! Sweat rating: 5+ drops. I need to shower for sure!

What’s your favorite way to Do It Dailey? Share your favorite class experience in the comments below!

— Jill and Kerry