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City Guide : Our Vancouver Favorites

If you want to meet a group of energetic, witty, and hard-working barre maidens, look no further than our TDM family in Vancouver. With your pick from two locations in the city AND the chance to take Dailey Cycle from some of the best, a studio drop-in is a must during your visit to Vancouver. After sweating it out, check out these top places to visit, brought to you by the ladies and gentlemen of the Dailey Method Vancouver



Best Quick & Clean Food – Eternal AbundanceLocal fare and fresh juices, Eternal Abundance is a great place to fuel up before or after class. So good, you won’t even realize it’s entirely vegan!


Best Brunch Spot – Medina CaféExecutive Chef Adam Perrier and team have won several awards for Medina Café, which is no surprise to the locals. With incredible belgian waffles and comfort food in cast-iron skillets, this is the place to go before taking on the city.


Best Dinner – You Choose! With so many incredible places to dine, we thought we’d direct you to a list of some of TDM Vancouver’s top choices.

Best Date Spot – Reflections : The Garden Terrace at Rosewood Hotel Georgia

Photo credit : Nancy Wu of Nomss

Back in the day, Katharine Hepburn, Nat King Cole, Marlene Dietrich and Gary Cooper used to frequent Rosewood. Today, it is home to a beautiful tucked-away terrace serving hand-crafted cocktails and delicious food.

Get Your Greens

Best Park – Stanley Park

 Photo credit : National Geographic

Designated a national historic site of Canada, it is a magnificent green oasis amidst a heavily built urban landscape of Vancouver. On Tuesday nights on 3rd Beach, you can join the drum circle, for the love of unity, rhythm and community – a free-spirited event for all ages!

Best Bike Ride – the Seawall, which loops 10km around Stanley Park.

Best Tour – Granville Island

Photo credit : Granville Kayak Tour

Located across the water from Downtown, Granville Island is home to a huge public market with fresh produce and local artisanal goods.

Best Sporting Event (Outside of Hockey) – Vancouver Whitecaps FC Soccer

Photo credit : Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Major League Soccer brings with it a vibrant and proud energy. Before and after the game, Whitecaps fans parade through the streets in their blue and white attire. Definitely something to see (and possibly partake in.)



Best Spot to Shop and Wander – Gastown

Gastown may be known to be a tourist attraction, but there are tons of great restaurants, cafes and locally-owned shops that locals love to visit.



Best Live Music – Guilt & Co.

We are not biased just because Guilt & Co. is owned by one of our own instructors and her husband, it truly is the best spot for live music. Featuring everything from Burlesque to Reggae, be sure to get there early or you might not get in at all!



So, whether on a trip with your family or traveling with your partner for a quick getaway, Vancouver in the summer is sure to win you over. Don’t be shy to stop in and ask our TDM Vancouver owners Jey and Karen Wyder for personal recommendations and let us know below where your favorite places in Vancouver are!


A Normal Not-so-Normal Day in the Life


I recently asked you, my readers, what Blog post topics most resonate with you. You asked me to take you through a normal day – my wins, my struggles, and how I navigate through. I will start my saying that there is no such thing as a normal day, especially in my life! Though I may not be able to offer end-all advice, what I can do is give you a glimpse into my days and how I steer through them.

Morning Ritual
I always start my day with my lemon water tonic in the AM. It helps me to kickstart what is ahead. I do believe in ritual. I feel that it is something simple that can ground us and allow us to feel safe. Plus, I’m a huge proponent of the tonic for health benefits. In addition to this I have a new ritual – meditation. Although, I am not actually the best meditator. I just began doing Week of Zen first thing in the AM, which was started by my friend Lorna. It is incredibly easy and accessible and sets you up for success in your day!

Time Management (a.k.a. Time Magicianry)
I know that my “me time” is super important. Sometimes this means taking the dog for a walk, sometimes it’s getting a massage or a manicure, or just sitting and watching a show. The value I find in giving myself some time alone is invaluable. Recently I really needed a vacation and took my kids abroad for 18 days for a time to completely shut off. I left an Out of Office Reply that gave everyone options of whom to connect with if they needed something and made it clear to reconnect with me only when I return. It saved me so much stress of feeling like I had to work on the trip or feeling overwhelmed by the pending responses when I got home.


Being a mother of three kids, a brand owner, a studio owner, [a dog owner] and an instructor, among other things – I am confronted with how to get it all done daily. What I find helps with this is being able to prioritize and find balance. This is not an accurate science because things are always shifting, but it has helped me tremendously to rely more on my community. I’ve found the community that helps me! Sister-wives. Find the ones in your life that you know will give you the support you need, when you need it. And be there for them when they need it equally. I have a friend that helps walk the dog – and sometimes I walk hers. I have people in my life (some hired and some not) that I can ask to do something for me that I don’t have time for at that moment — pick my kid up from school, pick up my laundry, etc. This little support keeps me from feeling overwhelmed by it all.  Oh – and sometimes I just accept that I don’t have the time and that’s okay.


Sensible Shortcuts
I also find tools to make my day easier – e.g. Good Eggs and Instacart (as needed). So much quicker than going to the store for the few items you need that day.

Down to Business
When it comes to the business, every day includes meetings, strategy and planning around what will continue to make the Dailey Method community the best out there! (Some call it bias, I call it a strong group of incredible people with well-being in mind.) This sometimes requires travel, across the U.S. or internationally. Recently I had the chance to travel to TDM Birmingham for Dare to Bare to teach and also appear on the news. Dare to Bare is a cause that I am passionate about because I want all women to embrace who they are right now – we’re all amazing and beautiful and strong and I want to celebrate that with women.

Maintaining Health
As a fitness professional and a brand there is a lot of focus on “what is Jill doing?” “What is she eating”? I exercise regularly – making attending (not just teaching) Dailey cycle and Barre classes a priority and schedule them on my calendar so they take precedence. But sometimes I want to stay in bed on a Saturday morning and I give myself that freedom too. I do my best to eat whole foods, very little sugar, lots of greens. I cook and shop locally and work to include as much nutrition into mine and my kids meals. But I will have an ice cream cone (coffee is my favorite).



Family Near and Far
One of the challenges I face is finding family time. That doesn’t just include family I live with, but family across the globe. I make a concerted effort to see them and just recently returned from a trip to Europe. Family is so important in helping to keep us connected to who we really are. And the support system – WOW! Nobody will really love us unconditionally like we have the capacity to get from our family. But we have to make the time to soak it in, and give it back. (Thank you my family for being who you are and for what you do for me!)



Not Superhuman, Just Super at being Human
At the end of the day, I share the same story as every woman out there who cares deeply about her family, her career and her health and her sanity. I take each day one step at time, learning to acknowledge that I’m human, that I will make mistakes and also will have personal wins, though always trying to learn from both and not let either success or failure take me off of my path.

Here’s to your wins, your struggles and to your resilience in between.



July Word of the Month : Surrender

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.”

                                                                                                                                                                  -Herman Hesse


When you hear the words “let go”, you may first draw up a negative connotation. If someone is “let go” from work, you don’t celebrate. If somebody comments to a loved one that they have “let [themselves] go,” it is most likely not a compliment. And often times people think letting go equates to giving up.

This month, I want to bring to light the positive aspects of letting go – in Surrender.

By definition, Surrender is the act of letting go, of giving yourself over to something greater. This is certainly not a bad thing! In my experience when I try to resist or push back on something that isn’t comfortable, or not my ideal – I get a less valuable response. If I surrender to what is happening everything is so much easier.

“We are at our most powerful the moment we no longer need to be powerful.”
-Eric Micha’el Leventhal

Surrender requires a higher level of humility, of trust in the process and maybe even a leap of faith, but the outcome is worth it nearly every time. Last summer, Kerry Corcoran, owner of TDM Berkeley and Lamorinda gave us proof that amazing things can happen when you surrender.

I also love this quote by McCall Erickson: “Surrender – giving up what we think should be happening for what is actually happening.”

I just traveled for 18 days with my kids and this truly resonates with me. I am a person who likes to have plans, be in control, be on time. When you’re traveling with three children those tend to become nearly impossible. I had to surrender to their needs, their fatigue, their excitement to stay somewhere longer than I planned, or to leave while I was still enjoying myself. To eat when “it wasn’t time yet” or to just stay at the apartment longer because they needed time to relax; while there was so much to do and see! It was a constant play and because I allowed myself to surrender to their needs we flowed so much better and had an amazing bonding experience, whereas it could have been constant struggle.

In your Dailey Method practice surrendering can be:

  • Allowing yourself space to embrace where your practice is today
  • Letting go of hesitation and pushing your engagement further
  • Surrendering your ego and just listening to where you are in the moment

My favorite place to really surrender is in savasana. To allow the floor to rise up and meet and support me – to completely let go and release. It’s such an important practice to truly let the amazing hard work you’ve just done integrate deeper into your body and mind.

Surrendering to the moment at hand without any judgments is one of the best ways to know your true self. Practicing this shedding of inner resistance, of judgement and of anything that disrupts your peace will actually BRING you peace.

This month, focus on learning when to yield to something beyond yourself and see what amazing shifts might happen.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”
-Lao Tzu


Photo credit, the Dailey Method La Grange

Summer Product Picks

The warm weather is finally here and with the changing of weather, I want a change or refresher of my wardrobe and beauty products. Here are a few of my current favorite picks to keep you stylish, glowing and having some summer fun. Enjoy!


Supergoop –  Refresh Setting Mist

Light and fresh with hints of rosemary, this spray not only defends you from the elements but sets your makeup in place and keeps you from feeling oily throughout the day. Beyond the face for me – I use it for hands, neck and décolletage.




Vintner’s Daughter – Active Botanical Serum

We refer to this product as “Unicorn Tears” – partially because of cost, but also the results! You may be skeptical and at this price, I was too. But I’m completely sold on this serum. They use botanicals as opposed to extracts and infuse anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, several nourishing fatty-acids and antioxidants into the serum. I really do swear by it. Because you’re a Dailey fan if you order from this link you get free shipping and a gift while supplies last!


Smith & Cult – Honey Hush nail lacquer

I adore this packaging – but also what’s in it (and what is not!) This is referred to as an 8-free polish, without a lot of the chemicals that most polishes have. It also lasts almost a week longer on my nails than other brands and comes in very chic colors. This is my current favorite for my hands. A nude with an attitude.  😂

Free shipping for this item too – lucky you!




Sonoma Playsuit

I love this jumpsuit and probably wear it a bit too often. I have a great print and a black one. I dress it up with heels or wear over my swimsuit with flip flops. Best travel piece I’ve ever had! And love that it has pockets. Plus, for our TDM family only, there is even a discount!! Use the code : DAILEY10





Koral – Muscle Tank and Lustrous Leggings

Now that I’m cycling I’m needing shorter tops that are lightweight and breathe. These tanks are perfect. The pants are incredibly comfortable and make your booty look amazing! (they run a bit small though so I would recommend ordering a size up.) I love the navy and wine colors.





Beyond Yoga – Fade To Black Yoga High-waisted Legging and Bralet

This is my favorite new outfit! Great top to wear for Dare to Bare  (without being overly daring!) I’ve always been a fan of high waist pants and these are so comfortable and flattering. Love ❤️




The Farm Winery

The last important summer pick – wine! This is a natural and organic winery that uses dry farming which means zero irrigation. The wines are small batch and grown by family farms and artisans. And they’re cultivated in a manner that keeps the sugar levels minimal (they claim no hangover!) It’s a club, so you have to join to try it. Great wine delivered to your door? Nothing to complain about there.


May Word of the Month : Heart

“Every single day, do something that makes your heart sing.”

-Marcia Wieder

There were many voices that sang last weekend at The Dailey Method’s 9th annual Owners’ Retreat. Besides being a place where amazing connections take place, the event serves as a forum where some very special friends in my life – the TDM owners – can learn, grow, and make meaningful contributions to TDM. The heart of the Dailey Method is what makes it the amazingly special, supportive and beautiful community that continues to soar.

So, the Owners’ Retreat perfectly embodies May’s Word of the Month – Heart. Our hearts are our innermost part and we could not survive without it. Not only ARE these individuals the Hearts of their home communities, but they GIVE their hearts to their practice, their studios and to the people who walk in their doors every day. I know for myself that the love I have for my studios and to The Dailey Method is so personally meaningful. I am always in awe at the passion and dedication that the other owners show in making their studios the best (and the most fun!) they can be. While still maintaining The Dailey Method’s core principles of Align, Engage, Move.
The owners came from far reaches of the US, and beyond (Paris, Mexico and Canada)! I am reminded each year that there is an incredible level of diversity that makes up the Dailey Method. And by giving their all to create a welcoming and productive space to find alignment they are also able to create a space that is open to everyone.

There were so many, but here are some of the my personal highlights of the weekend:

  • The one-on-one introductions. I am fortunate to know them all but when they come together there can be electric synergy when they get to connect personally. The weekend began with that connection.
  • The small group breakouts that allowed us to collaborate together to learn, grow, and expand communally. And to brainstorm together to continually be able to offer you, our community, an ever-evolving product.
  • The amazing expo (1st picture above) where we had some incredible talent. Local and far reaching companies attended, people who can collaborate with our businesses in ways that help support us all as business owners and allow our communities simpler processes.
  • The dinners we had together, where we could unwind, laugh and celebrate together.
  • The hike on the last day through the headlands of Marin. Gorgeous perfect day.

The celebration of my new Dailey Cycle studio in Fairfax. It wasn’t even open to the public yet and I got to have the best of the best across the world to come and teach there and show us their talents.

I want to SHOUT from the bottom of my heart a huge THANK YOU to each and every Dailey Method owner for believing in the product and showing up each day to share that with their community. And for the amazing corporate staff (you know who you are) that discussed, created and worked tireless hours to make it the most informative and fun retreat ever.