One of the things that makes me Burn my absolute Brightest is music. I am constantly inspired by music. When I have a new playlist or a new favorite song I get incredibly fired up to teach, especially if it works for thigh work :). Music helps me feel things more deeply, whatever the emotion- but especially when its fun! My boys received instruments for the Holidays and now my house is an ongoing concert hall. I love it because it brings more joy into our lives. Although, I am grateful for electric drums that can be plugged into headphones, helping me preserve a level of sanity.

Burn Bright Playlist

Here is my current playlist that is inspired by our word of the month Fire and our #burnbrightdailey campaign.

Burn Bright Playlist

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Note: I always have filler music for opening and closing so warm-up starts at Sunshine- Avicii, mat stretch is Fire- Gavin DeGraw, back dancing is Ignition- Viceroy Remix, and final stretch is Diamonds- Joself Savalt.

Burn on!

— Jill