I hope your 2015 is off to an amazing start!

I am really excited to share a campaign that launches today at The Dailey Method that defines my ultimate goal for how I hope your Dailey Method practice makes you feel. Burn Bright!ArmsUp_FBcover

What does Burn Bright mean to me? Our word of the month FIRE was definitely inspired by the feeling. It’s expansive energy that shines out of you because you know you are living your best life. You make mistakes? You have set backs? Of course! But day to day, week to week, you are continually aiming to be your healthiest, kindest, most authentic self. To me that’s Burning Bright! I believe the more we shine ourselves out, the more we get matched back with energy that then helps us have the capacity to Burn even Brighter. We can get that from the circle of friends and community around us and my hope is that The Dailey Method can be one of those communities that help people shine brighter.

The idea behind Burn Bright was actually created by you. We asked why you chose the Dailey Method and you responded that our classes help you feel that you’re living life to the fullest and burning bright as a result. Thank you! We love that we are helping people have a happier more fulfilled life; that definitely makes us Burn Brighter!

So this month we want to know what makes you Burn Bright?! I would love for you to join us in sharing the moments, both simple and extraordinary, that show you are burning bright in body, mind, and spirit – and post it by using the hashtag #burnbrightdailey

What makes me #burnbrightdailey? My kids, Paris, culture and fun! All in one moment.

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Starting today, January 12, 2015 we ask you to ask yourself the question: “How will I burn bright today?” and then post the answer each day on INSTAGRAM using the hashtag #burnbrightdailey to tell the world about the simple things – or the big things – that make you Burn Bright! All the Instagram posts will be automatically added to our own Burn Bright campaign site so that others will be inspired to do the same.

For the whole month, you can use the #burnbrightdailey hashtag as much as you want for chances to win a month of free classes! We will give away this prize to the THREE students worldwide whose #burnbrightdailey posts are the most inspiring.

And finally, as part of TDM’s Burn Bright program, we are thrilled to announce a partnership with Girls on the Run, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping girls be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum. In early 2015, Girls on the Run will launch their “One in a Million” campaign, celebrating their 1 millionth girl served and the uniqueness and individuality of each member. So between February 6th and February 8th, all TDM studios will offer a special donation class to benefit Girls on the Run (members will bring $10 to take the class and the studio will match $10) and all proceeds will be donated to Girls on the Run. Nationally, what would make us Burn the Brightest would be to have The Dailey Method contribute $20,000 to Girls on the Run for their “One in a Million” campaign.

Please lend your support to this cause. And, resolve to feed your own INNER FIRE this first month of the new year.

I can’t wait to see what makes you #burnbrightdailey.  Keep shining out!

— Jill