Of course, I am a bit biased but I really believe that doing The Dailey Method regularly has so many benefits. Sometimes, it is nice to remember WHY we are doing the things we are doing so here is a list of reasons to do it Dailey!

1. You deserve it! With the chaos of daily life, you deserve an hour (or 45 minutes if interval is what you choose) dedicated completely to yourself. Time in the studio is your time to let go of everything else in your life and just focus completely on YOU.
2. Your posture will be better all throughout the day. With all the focus we put on neutral spine and overall alignment, you are bound to take these practices with you into your day and walk stronger, taller and more aligned.
3. The Dailey Method uses what is called “eccentric” contraction. This is the hardest type of contraction for your body to sustain and it’s a muscle changer! With every repetition you are creating longer leaner muscles and density in your muscles that ramps up your metabolism turning your body into a calorie burning machine!
4. Your Dailey Method practice makes proper alignment a part of the way you move in everything you do. Whether its running, cycling, skiing or just moving about in your every day activities, the strength, flexibility and body awareness you gain at The Dailey Method will help you do the things you love longer.
5. Balance baby. Our stressful and often sedentary lifestyles can lead to imbalances that affect the way we stand, move and perform in all of our daily activities. Through your Dailey Method practice you will learn to strengthen what is weaker, stretch what is tighter, and create a body that moves powerfully and fluidly- the way our bodies were meant to move.  
6. Your core and your seat will thank you for it. In class there is a large emphasis on pulling in the deepest layer of your abdominal wall (transverse abdominus) and building your strength from the inside out. This helps flatten your abdominal wall. We also put a lot of focus on the base of the seat, not only in seat work, but all throughout class to help to create that signature Dailey Method high lifted seated.
7. It will make you happier and less stressed! Yay! Studies have shown that exercise affects the hormone levels in your body and increases your ‘happy’ hormones while decreasing your stress hormones.
So there you have it, one reason for each day of the week J.
Here’s to doing it Dailey!

— Jill