I personally love the tradition and the element of surprise of stuffing stockings. It’s probably my favorite part of shopping for the holidays. I try to find items that aren’t overly expensive so I can give more! Below are a few ideas (and some traditions of mine) to inspire you while stuffing your stockings.

1. Smith’sRosebud Salve Balm: I know this isn’t the most organic choice but this has been a long time favorite lip balm of mine and I love that now it comes in a tube.

 2. CrystalVolcano Kid: This is the perfect item for any kid- big or small. I love a gift that’s also a science project!
3. Bare Minerals Well Rested: This keeps you looking amazing and well rested even if you are not! I absolutely love it!
4. Green and Black’sDark Chocolate: Organic, Fair Trade and no genetically modified ingredients. You simply can’t go wrong!
5.  Cuties: My mom always put these in our stockings and I have continued the tradition with my family. It’s a nice healthy alternative that’s perfectly in season.
6. NewYear’s Eve Nail Polish: What girl wouldn’t love a new nail polish? This is a great natural brand and this color is perfect for any festivity!

7. TDM DVDs,Socks or Gift Certificates: There is no better gift than the gift of health, so give your loved ones some TDM treasures!