I love it when the Dailey Method word-of-the month truly resonates with how I’m feeling at that time. And right now RADIANCE is perfect! I just finished my Retreat in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica. It was 5 days and 4 nights of amazing scenery, beautiful, open, and interesting people, Dailey Method classes, yoga, meditations, and even a little tarot. It was everything I needed to allow myself the space to shine a little brighter. To radiate from the inside/out is something I aim to do everyday. I believe it’s something we all can do to help our world move in a positive direction. That said, sometimes the struggles in my life hold me back from allowing myself to feel this way. Feeling overwhelmed can get in the way of letting the light I carry shine forth as much as I would like. That’s when I know I need to create some space for myself to connect inwardly, to be in a new environment for a change of perspective, and to take the time to prioritize taking care of me. This retreat definitely gave me the space to do that.

We offered a lot of opportunities for everyone at the retreat to truly show up, push through some barriers, and drop inward. Everything was optional, but this engaging group showed up for almost everything–including SUP boarding, surfing, Ziplining, and even an opportunity to serve the local community.



I feel my inner radiance when I am contributing something positive to the world and am grateful I was able to have this experience. Our give back in Costa Rica was for CEPIA – an organization that provides services for children and families in need. We were broken up in groups to assist in different ways and I was given the task of teaching yoga to a room FULL of kids.Yes, it was CHAOTIC at times, but it was a truly incredible experience. I was amazed how we could get them to drop in during meditation. Their souls were beautiful. It reminds me that mindfulness is an innate state and that our perceived struggles are learned or conditioned habits.


I also feel inner radiance when I am able to connect with people in a safe and supportive environment. We’re all going through our own unique challenges, but often times we feel alone in the struggle. When space is created for people to be comfortable together, we can be more vulnerable. When time is given to listen and share our personal stories with each other, we feel heard and understood. And when we hear the struggles others are enduring, it always helps put our own pain in perspective. It also allows us to feel compassion for those around us and for ourselves. During these 5 days of bonding with the group, I felt that I was not only able to help support others in their journey, but received greater insight about myself and gained greater clarity on how to address some of my own challenges. 


I do believe that we all have a responsibility to shine our light out, and it’s a responsibility I embrace. In doing this, you give your best and inspire those around you to shine as well. Together we can all have more joy and laughter, feel more confident and capable, and care more from the heart of ourselves, where the light is always shining!

Come on! Let’s Radiate together!