Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe it’s already 2020! A new year, a new decade, and a reminder to focus on embracing the beauty and potential that lies within each one of us.

Traditionally the month of January is about resolutions, intentions & goals …but I’m personally not one to follow this annual tradition. Instead, I do my best every month to notice small things I did well or wish to do differently, take stock of the progress I’ve made or what I want to shift, and acknowledge the places in my life that require more or less focus. I appreciate our word of the month as a regular reminder for this monthly self-support and mind shift. It enables me to create opportunities all year long to focus on embracing myself, thriving, and lighting myself up.

A new year, though, is an exciting time! It offers each of us an opportunity to start fresh and to enter into a new decade with more mindfulness about the way we intend to move ahead. Doing so, helps us welcome all of the amazing things that are possible in life! 

This is why I love the idea of embracing OPPORTUNITY for January because it feels very different and less restrictive than both intention-setting or establishing certain New Years’ resolutions. Instead of stating what I WILL or WILL NOT do this year or what I WILL change, it infers that I remain open to observing the potential that lies on my day to day path- each and every day.

An opportunity is a set of circumstances that, by default, makes ALL things possible. In fact, the only thing that opportunity requires is that we remain curious about life and what it can be. I find that to be really exciting!

2019 definitely brought a lot of joy to my life. During this past cycle around the sun, I was gifted an infinite amount of life experience that forced me to grow, develop deeper connections with people I love and stretch what I think I could handle. And yet, I’ll be honest… the amount of difficulty and frustration I faced was also very real, and I am pretty certain I am not alone in this feeling. When I look at where I am now, I’ll admit that while happy, there will always be areas in my life that I want to work on so positive changes can continue to occur. My aim is to simply acknowledge what those areas are and then work to stay open and engaged so that I am able to notice when an opportunity comes my way to make this positive shift.

One area in my life that is a high priority, always, is my connection and interactions with my three teenagers. (Okay. Only two of them are full-on teenagers but one is close enough, so I like to claim I have three! Please don’t tell them I’m talking about them ?). Parenting has always been difficult- and now, with the constant technology and social media (unknown territory for my generation to know how to help them navigate), it’s so easy to continually question the decisions that I make. I am sure many parents relate to the fact that this is overwhelming and quite literally throws us off our/my center. By embracing the opportunity to learn and shift in my actions and reactions, instead of staying stuck in patterns, it helps me be there when they need me – even if they feel like they don’t (and usually they feel like they don’t! ?). I am able to model for them how to supportively show up in their own interactions. It also helps me feel more confident that I’m truly doing my best. After all, they are the most important people in my life.  I aim to stay open to the opportunities that arise to best be able to guide them to become even more amazing, confident, intelligent and kind people. 

Whenever I can, I like the opportunity to share with you some ways you may bring attention and reflection on our Word of the Month focus into your TDM practice. For January, here are some insightful ways that Master Teacher, Katina Griffin suggests we look at “Opportunity” this month while taking our Dailey Method classes. They also relate to day to day interactions.

  • Opportunity lives on the heels of deciding to make a different choice. Take an opportunity before you leave today and introduce yourself to someone you work out next to every week. You never know what that one interaction could turn into.
  • Take an opportunity in class today when you feel particularly challenged to see if taking a deep breath helps you to invite more SPACE for ease and therefore the strength to get through the effort.
  • You have an opportunity to show up in your day however you decide. Decide now!

Let’s open our minds and hearts and amaze ourselves at the potential that presents itself in 2020! This won’t always be easy – especially when times feel weighted, overwhelming or like they are on a plateau. Shift perspective from what isn’t right and acknowledge that this E-MOTION – this feeling you feel – is merely the Now. It’s just like the word reads – “motion”. it’s moving. And as the old Buddhist saying goes…”This too shall pass”. There’s ultimate potential for it to be/feel better. Do this with an extraordinary commitment to optimize your connections, personal growth, happiness and joy ….. one step at a time.

Happy New Year. Happy New Opportunities!