This pose is our signature Seated Neutral Spine. Introducing it became a pivotal point for my journey in evolving the Method with regards to the power of mental focus on supporting our physical practice. We consider this our Dailey Method meditation on posture. 

This exercise encourages students to tune into their spine. They have the chance to focus on the amazing way their bones align, and gives them time to breathe more space into their skeleton which inevitably creates greater core engagement and supports their optimal alignment. I remember when we first introduced this posture and how frustrating it was to teach. Students mentioned,  “they couldn’t feel it”, “didn’t understand it”, and even questioned what we were doing while teaching it, but I persisted because I both felt it and believed in it so much. One day, a couple months later, I was teaching at my Corte Madera location and looked out and everyone had their eyes closed, they were sitting up so powerfully and mindfully and I could see that it had finally clicked. It was amazing and I started crying because of the energy and strength in the room. And that my persistence in something I really believed in had paid off.

 This movement practice has evolved in my life to a committed seated (okay sometimes lying down) meditation practice. Mindfulness has become a key component to my sense of peace and inner radiance this past year. When I take the time to go inward, to focus on myself, my body, and my breath – it translates into other areas of my life and allows me to step back into being present when the chaos seems to persist everywhere. 

Presence is the Dailey Method  word of the month for our entire community. This themed focus  perfectly aligns with our first ever global 21 day Meditation challenge that runs from March 2nd till March 22nd. My hope in spearheading this challenge is that it will encourage in all of us, a self-reflective journey towards greater well-being and community. Because this practice has been so transformative for me I want to share it and invite others to experience the support that this practice provides you inside of your potentially hectic life. 

The focus will be on unique daily themes built around loving-kindness, compassion, presence, and gratitude. It’s completely free and set up to inspire you EVERYDAY so please join us!!

Each day you’ll receive a meditation delivered to your inbox. The time spans from 4 minutes the first week up to 12 minutes for the final week to allow you, over the full 21 days, to have an opportunity to grow and expand in your meditation practice. And if you already have a practice it will hopefully give you new inspiration. I am honored that Camilla Sacre-Dallerup has partnered with us for this challenge. I first meditated with her through my favorite meditation app, insight timer. My current personal practice is a 12 minute timed meditation with a waterfall background, but sometimes I need a guided practice to keep my mind from wavering and Camilla became my go-to for guided because I love both her voice and messaging. I asked if she would partner with TDM for this challenge and she said yes! Camilla is also a bestselling author, founder of the successful life coaching business AND is a judge on Dancing with the Stars New Zealand! ?

When I think of mindfulness, along with meditation, I think of setting intentions, which is a practice that really helps support me in being more present. When I set my sights on establishing the kind of day I want to create and focus my energy towards that vision, I find it is more apt to come true. Sometimes specific ideas or even more clarity on something comes up during my meditation. And then there are other times when I’m able to quiet any unproductive inner dialogue and use what comes forth in my meditations in the same way you might use a mantra. Even in my physical classes I’ll often set an intention for something I want to focus on during the class, and as I leave and am feeling centered and grounded again – I set one for the remainder of my day.

For the last 6 months “presence” is what has come up for me the majority of the time. I have needed to hone my ability to take a breath and bring focus and attention back to where it needs to be. It’s helped me engage vs. react. It’s shown me self-compassion and has also made me practice truly being here, now – versus amplifying the mistakes I may have made and the worry about what’s going to happen next. After all, NOW is the most important moment we have.

Whether it’s an open eyed meditation in nature, sitting and listening to a waterfall with a timer or simply closing my eyes to remember to breathe and pause for just a moment, I have made a lifetime commitment to myself to hone my ability to both practice and to teach mindfulness. 

At The Dailey Method we’re here to support you.  Mind, Body and Spirit!!

Love, Jill