• the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists (noun)
  • have as one’s intention or objective (verb)

At The Dailey Method, we’ve been selecting a Word of the Month (WOM) since 2013! For me, this practice was a stepping stone into incorporating meditation into my work, but more importantly into my life as a whole. Allowing myself focused energy to reflect on a word each month enables me to notice how I’m feeling about different aspects and what I may currently need to shift in order to continue to grow. 

The WOM is generally chosen in advance. This means that oftentimes, as I prepare for the start of a new month, it can be the first time I reflect on what it signifies for me. When I sat down to write this blog and read the word “Purpose” on my list, I was slightly surprised that a wave of gratitude immediately ran through me.

I reflected on the gratitude as it reminded me of the love and purpose I serve in my professional life and highlighted for me WHY I wake up every day and continue to do what I do. Through the amazing times and the difficult ones, I care about helping people shine their brightest. It is always my desire to support people in discovering their greatest capacity for strength both in their bodies and in their lives. 

There are so many ways we can think of “our purpose” in life. Our PURPOSE is what we were put on this earth to contribute. Why we matter and how we can make a difference.

I feel extremely fortunate because I found my purpose early, as I am aware that many people struggle with finding their professional path. It was almost as though, my purpose found ME. 

One aspect I believe that has helped me stay focused is my belief that we will succeed at whatever we set out to do. Trust in our personal strengths and gifts plus our intentional focus to put our effort and energy towards it, is exactly what makes us successful. In fact, the more time and effort we enable ourselves to spend on a particular goal, the better we are at accomplishing it.

Purpose, though, is not just defined by our profession or one BIG thing we potentially offer to the world. For instance, we each serve many important purposes during our lives.

A huge one of mine is being a mother to my three beautiful kids. I appreciate the space to reflect on what being purposeful in my contributions to my kids’ lives actually means in my relationships with each of them. I am reminded of how impactful it is to show up for them each day so that I succeed at serving my purpose as the best mom I can be. This includes practicing good self-care so that they learn from me while receiving all the best parts of me. Remember! We all have the capacity to significantly impact people’s lives every day and it can be in the smallest of ways. 

Here are a few reflections from Master Teacher Trainer, Katina Griffin, for our Dailey Method teachers on the word, Purpose:

  • Attack everything in class today with purpose, just as you would a complex life goal. Focus with intentional, purposeful movement and use this as the vehicle to take your TDM practice to a new level. This can be as easy as focusing on your back leg alignment in a split!
  • What do you think of when you hear the word “purpose”? Purpose can simply be about why you decided to come to class today just as it can mean something more profound. Whatever it is, be purposeful in your execution as a way to maximize your power and strength inside and outside this room. 
  • Wherever you are in your life – in whatever familial role, work title, job/or lack thereof that you currently hold – trust that YOU have a purpose and a reason for being here. Your life is purposeful – You get to decide HOW. Decide in small ways every day and remember to start with: “I am significant and my life has meaning.”

I love these! Relate them to while you’re taking a class and notice how each one is also relevant to our lives outside the classroom. 

Think about your own personal purpose. Expand on it. Amplify it. What can you give? Add yours to the world and truly know you make a difference!