• The ability to act or produce an effect   
  • Physical might : strength

“Everyone has some inner power awaiting discovery” – Richard Paul Evans

When we hear the word “Power,” it’s easy to connect to its sole meaning as being either a physical force, an external strength, or a privilege given to authority. The outward expression I am reminded of is the power it takes to hold a plank. Am I right?!

Even still, as I sat to reflect on this word for a theme for TDM, I was reminded of how I connect to power from a place deep within me. It’s my inward strength, that power from the inside, and the energy moving me forward in life that I believe is accessible to all. It isn’t necessarily something I was born embodying. Instead, it’s something I have grown into and continue to develop in order to expand my life to its greatest potential.

Picture the time you last walked through a personal challenge or faced some adversity that you felt you could never overcome. Envision every single breath you took to forge ahead, each of your friends or family that were there to support you in moving on to the next day. Somehow we can all relate to having done this at some point in our lives. It took a certain strength inside us that we had to lean into and use to come out on the other side. Strength and fortitude – This is POWER. 

Power is also stamina. It’s the ability to dig deep enough to find that inner energy that pushes you through challenges in class that drive you to a physical edge. It is the ability to take on one more task in your day regardless of whether you feel like it or not. Taking time to sit down at the end of the day to reflect on how you were able to power through can make you feel accomplished. Whether it’s a small way or a large one- it’s still powerful!

And lastly, one of our greatest powers is our voice. It’s kind of like a “superpower” if you sit and think about it. After all, I know I feel my best when I speak up for myself, ask for what I need or support out loud, state my hopes and dreams or put words to my emotions in a constructive way to guide the people I care about on how to treat me. There is freedom to be all of who I am when the power of my words is expressed. And an incredible result is that others can show up for me in a way that both holds and fills me up.

Refine what power means to you. 

Live inside of yours. 

Believe in it. 

Lead with the light it fills you with when you connect to it. 

Then share its meaning with everyone around you so that they can step inside of theirs too.

Happy October!

Love, Jill