the state or fact of being likely or possible; likelihood

I believe that the possibilities of what we can accomplish, who we have the potential to become, and how committed we choose to maneuver our way through our lives are endless. 

I love this quote by Thomas Edison:

When you’ve exhausted all of the possibilities, remember this:

You haven’t!

For me and maybe for most of us, I know we yearn for more out of our lives. It’s an incredibly human quality to seek more happiness no matter what stage of life one is in. Whether it’s an advancement in your career, a happier home life, a stronger/ healthier body, or just overall inner peace, there seems to be forever something to strive and attain. There is an inner desire in each one of us that we hope to expand upon. And it is possible! It is my sincere belief that we only need to decide on what to place our focus and attention on. This path forward has the potential to shape our entire worldview, but it may also help us decide the doors that are open that we must walk through and the ones that may have been less visible.

Anything is possible provided we choose to take action and positive steps ahead versus react to all that is happening around us. It’s the idea of being the driver vs. the passenger seat of our lives . 

Although life shows us that opportunities are endless, I think it’s important to streamline and attend to only one or two at any given time. To put our intention on those couple of things, show up with an open mind and heart, and then to keep our eyes wide open leads us to greater success at tackling the small goals that will ultimately take us to amazing places. It is aboard that journey where asking questions, reading books, and exploring ways to make things happen presents itself. Curiosity about every possibility is what gives us the views that we may have otherwise passed over. Believe in the possibility or even believe in the impossible every step of the way!

As I was reflecting upon my own personal connection to this word, the first possibility that came to mind is that now that my kids are back in school, my house will be cleaner ?. Simple but true and maybe not the most mind-blowing possibility yet a very clear one that provides me some ease and a sense of grounded-ness.

Here are a few ways to hone POSSIBILITY into your Dailey Method practice:

  1. At the beginning of class – Attack each exercise in class today with the idea that new things are possible! Discover how aligning with POSSIBILITY attracts a different result both in body and mind.
  2. Final Stretch or Savasana – As you leave class today, practice viewing the world through a different lens. Sit bright in the possibilities around you and watch them grow!
  3. At any exciting part of class or Savasana – Possibility comes to fruition when your attention moves in that direction. Instead of limiting your capabilities or focusing on the minimal impact you make on any given situation, sit largely in all things possible. Dreams come true this way!!

Being open to the ways we may invite possibilities into our day-to-day life is a process. It takes effort, practice, patience, and also an element of persistence. 

I encourage you this month to be persistent, to stay open, and to explore all of the spectacular happenings awaiting you!