Mindful and present listening is truly challenging, and vastly important. This is why I’ve set a few intentions for August, to work on it in reflection of our Dailey Method word of the month “listen”.

I intend to stay present when listening to others, allowing them to be truly heard without injecting my own thoughts or interpretation. I commit to purely listen. 

I will listen to my body and honor what it needs. Our bodies are powerful communicators and I dedicate this time to remain in the moment enough to feel and notice the messages it is sending me so that I may nurture it fully, without judgement AND without management. 

I will listen fiercely to my heart and dedicate time to drop in so that it can serve as my compass. I believe if I deeply listen to my heart, there is limitless capacity for me to learn, adapt and grow. 

Easier said than done, I know, but I commit to show up and to do my best!

How about you? 

How would listening better or more consciously support you this month?