Pause: A temporary stop or rest, especially in speech or action, to emphasize meaning. 


To say that our world hit a huge PAUSE button these last 4 months is an understatement!

Covid 19 built in an unprecedented kind of PAUSE that has deeply affected our plans, opportunities, experiences and moved us all into isolation. It took away our ability to congregate with one another, eradicated the ability to distract ourselves in the ways we had before and stopped us in our tracks by removing much of the busyness in our day to day life.

This global situation has also forced us to pause to recognize the transformations that our world undoubtedly needs. It’s been a time that has encouraged individuals and communities to evaluate what is important, assess inherent core values, uncover the wounds caused by inequality and has catapulted populations towards positive change. We must keep it going…there is so much more to do!

This time has given me pause to be truly grateful that I own a platform that has the ability to raise awareness and funds for organizations that are working to make our country and our world a better place. Historically, as a company and within individual TDM studios, we have held donation classes to help organizations we believe in both locally and globally. Just as we preach the importance of a regular practice in creating change in our minds and bodies, we also want to make it a regular practice to give back.

Each month The Dailey Method is committed to pause and take notice of how we can best effectuate positive change in our world and in our communities. Our end goal lies in becoming a consistent part of the small, incremental, baby steps that eventually will begin to heal them. For us, joining together in order to make a difference, means being intentional inside of that quiet moment so that we are able to decide where to place our focus and then what action steps to take.

This month we have chosen the Boys and Girls Club. I will be teaching a Dailey Barre class on Wed. July 8th at 10:00 AM PST and will donate 100% of the proceeds towards helping young kids in need.

Boys & Girls Clubs serve more than 4.6 million young people through membership and community outreach in nearly 4,700 Club facilities nationwide. Due in part to support from the COVID-19 Relief Fund, more than 3,000 Clubs are now able to provide some sort of food, digital programming and support to youth and families, including access to services for families of first responders, the U.S. Military, National Guard, Military Reserve, healthcare workers and other essential industries. Your support will help Boys & Girls Clubs do whatever it takes to help youth who need it most.

Covid-19 Relief Fund Giving

  • $1 can provide nutritious food for a child
  • $5 can provide a child in need with virtual homework help and mentoring.
  • $50 can provide books, supplies and virtual activities to help seven children keep reading skills sharp and prevent learning loss.

You can sign up to help support here 

In light of all that is happening around us, I would like to invite you to stop. Take a breath. Pause for a moment in order to reflect on how you will choose to become part of this global shift.

In the end, once the chaos of this pandemic slips into our generational gaps of forgetfulness – and after the amount of time we’ve spent missing loved ones or feeling isolated… for every uncomfortable circumstance we were each forced into … instead of just getting through it, let’s make certain it means SOMETHING and becomes the start of something truly amazing.

Take a step with me.

Let’s do THIS together.