“Remember that what you believe will depend very much on what you are.” Noah Porter

Positive beliefs in oneself are integral to accomplishment. The belief we have in WHO we are as a person, friend, colleague, mom, dad, sister etc.… and HOW we choose to act, live, impact and walk in the world plays a pivotal role in succeeding.

I, for one, have personally experienced the reward of first putting effort into believing in myself, only to see the tremendously positive effect it’s had on what I’ve been able to accomplish. Somehow, even placing attention on the belief that things will get better has impacted my life in ways that thankfully supported me in turning a rough corner or realigned my mindset so that I entered into a more calm and uplifting internal space. The practice of making this shift isn’t always easy, but I’ve found that by focusing my energy towards believing in myself, I notice the boost in my self-confidence and the brightening of my mood. 

Thinking positively is a big step in belief. Several studies outline and have proven how positive thinking has the potential to move you forward in massive ways. We’ve all heard the saying “my cup is half full” or conversely the more negative – “my cup is half empty”? Close your eyes and say both of those aloud. I bet you are clear on the one that makes you feel your best inside – the one that uplifts you – the one that inspires a desire in you to make positive change happen or to take a step forward. The other feels heavy. Am I right? Sometimes believing in the small ways you are able to initiate a step in a positive direction makes all the difference. For instance, something like “I believe I can get out of bed this morning, put on my workout clothes and get to the Studio or turn on a video” is more likely to move me forward to take those steps to make it happen. Incrementally, this kind of practice has a huge impact on whether or not we are cultivating a life filled with small successes or not.

Just recently, I was going through a difficult time personally, and so I decided to change my password on the lock screen of my phone to BELIEV (I couldn’t finish the E because there’s only 6 ?‍♀️). Truthfully, it wasn’t an easy number combo for me to remember, so I had to say it to myself once, sometimes multiple times a day. (Thank you to Covid, for masks and no facial recognition) This act, the word, and the intention it held for me helped me pull through, even if it was just for a singular moment or for a fraction of my day.

It’s also important to highlight our intention to believe in someone else. I find this with my kids a lot. When they say “I can’t,” I tell them, “believe you can,” yet I also let them know that I believe they can! This type of support not only has the potential to shift the trajectory of anyone’s day, but it also has the impact of helping others and creating a ripple effect. At The Dailey Method, we often say “I believe in you” when it gets to the truly challenging parts, and we see the desire to stop- because we do. And having someone believe in you allows you to dig deeper in that belief in yourself. It’s really powerful!

Let’s face it. 

It’s incredibly human to become consumed by the overwhelm and chaos of life and therefore lose sight of our focus in believing we have the power to undo it. We often get stuck in old beliefs or in a negative loop that keeps us from living our best life or delays our abilities to achieve what we innately know we have the capability to conquer. Still, like anything – it’s a practice and a commitment to implementing small ways we can affect the larger whole.

Together, I invite us all to go out there and: 

  1.  Believe in ourselves this month 


  1.  Believe in everyone around us!

With love,