As you’re probably aware, there is no shortage of marketing out there that sets up January as a time to reset after holiday indulgences or getting off track with respect to goals. I also know that none of us are strangers to the catch phrase, “New Year, New You!” 

Both, in my opinion, imply a negative. Hence the reason that I personally opt to eradicate this way of talking or setting up my students, family and even myself for a new cycle around the sun. To clarify, the first statement, to me, quite simply says, “you’ve messed up – and now it’s time for a do over.” Ugh! The second implies that the way you are right now somehow isn’t good enough. Neither aligns even the most disciplined person for success. And anyone reading this knows that alignment in everything, body – mind and spirit – is what I strive to embody and to teach.

At The Dailey Method, our theme for January is all about BEGINNING AGAIN – each and every day…and sometimes in each and every moment. 

This phrase gives us a permissible guide, a tangible starting point and an altered path towards reassessing what’s most important to us with a positive allowance to begin all over again if something is misaligned with what we need, want or desire. Beginning Again – unlike the first two ways mentioned about HOW to start off a New year inspired invites us to believe that no matter what – it is possible that at every corner of an entire 365 days – we have the power to start over and to make things happen. 

Along with finding this compassionate way to make space for change in your life, “beginning again” also helps us open ourselves up to letting go of all that holds us back; albeit bad habits, people in our lives that aren’t healthy for us, situations that aren’t going well and that need to shift in order for growth to occur, etc. The list is endless!

In class, a great example that I know most of you can all relate to is in forearm plank. It’s definitely a simple place where I enjoy practicing how to “begin again”. There is more gravitational pull against your front core when you shorten the lever of your arm. This makes it so hard, especially since it follows your first long arm plank in the workout. For me, I’ll start my forearm plank as the teacher cues me into it, and as it gets challenging or I feel out of alignment, I place my knees down to take some of the load off. I take a moment to breathe and re-engage. I make sure to realign my body from my head down and then I straighten my legs AGAIN. This metaphor is a great way to address every challenge in our life. Am I right? In every life circumstance, there is an opportunity to take action.  We may find out that it’s hard. We may fail or experience a setback. And yet, when we straighten up and begin again – we eventually find ourselves on the other side of it. Together, let’s Imagine doing life in this way and stop judging it. Imagine cheering ourselves on instead of giving up. Envision ways to dig deeper for our determination and our belief in ourselves and our innate ability to begin all over again. I know that if we do this as a Team – that our year alongside one another will be more ease-filled and packed with possibilities!

In the spirit of helping you recommit to any practice that builds you up, we have several surprises in store for you this year at the Studio level. We are offering great opportunities for new students (or past ones that have taken a break) to take unlimited classes for a few weeks at a great price and re spark your passion and energy for TDM. We know The Dailey Method practice works for so many and we are definitely here to support you! We also have a special gift for all Core Members coming up in a couple weeks. So if you already are part of our Core group – thank you, we LOVE you!! And if you’re considering joining our tribe, now is the perfect time.

There is something powerful about embracing this philosophy of “beginning again” anew each day. Turn down the volume on the voice that wants you to believe that this action is somehow related to giving up. I’m here to share with you that quite the opposite is true. Make it a priority of yours this month to try it. Do it in your own plank. Play with it in your life outside of the studio walls. I promise that the strength you will walk away with due to allowing this practice and process of beginning AGAIN – will make all the difference in the quality of the year awaiting you!

Happy January! and here’s to Beginning Again!