I remember when I was young that there was often pressure around Valentine’s Day and the romantic notion behind it. As I’ve gotten older and have had kids, Valentine’s Day has become more of a reminder of the love surrounding me and is an opportunity for me to celebrate the little things that make me feel love or loved. 

Here are a few things that define love for me:

  • A smile on my children’s faces first thing in the morning
  • When all three kids pile into bed with Doug and me on a weekend morning
  • Teaching a class, especially when the room is packed
  • A smile from a student loving the intensity during the final stretch of thigh work (an eye roll at the same time also makes me feel loved)
  • Learning something new – especially when I already thought I knew the answer
  • When people laugh at my jokes
  • A voicemail from my youngest, Damian, who even when he’s calling to complain always signs off with “hope you have a great day!” That actually makes it great! 🙂
  • A fantastic piece of chocolate, especially one with sea salt
  • A clean house 
  • Watching Doug wrestle with our puppy
  • A handwritten thank you note
  • When a new student says “that’s the hardest workout I’ve ever done!”
  • A hug, especially an unexpected one
Happy Valentines Day – with love and unexpected hugs to you,
— Jill