I have learned that being part of a culture of feedback is an invaluable way to continue to grow, learn and truly connect with other people in my life.

I believe feedback is about self-awareness and when used as an opportunity to learn and access something honestly about myself, it’s really a great opportunity for positive growth. Unfortunately our society has somehow conditioned us to associate feedback as something negative or critical and what it really should be viewed as is a reflection of what’s positive or working or where there is potential for growth.
When discussing feedback, I like to approach it in terms of keep and grow. What to keep is where you or someone else is excelling or feeling best. Where to grow is when you see something that is not getting the focus it needs or areas that can be improved upon. I encourage teachers to give each other feedback after each class in a supportive way. I love what I can learn about myself and my own teaching when others give me feedback! It’s a great way to connect more deeply with and encourage each other to optimize our best qualities or strengths. Feedback at the Dailey Method can also go way beyond the information we give to someone else based on our experience or view.
Try honestly listening to the feedback your body is giving you in class. Alignment and engagement are always our first two priorities in a TDM class. Can you commit this month to keeping yourself really honest in your practice? It actually is an “advanced practice” to go back to a base position and knowing when you need to reset or realign to engage optimally.  Holding a position in stillness can oftentimes be the most challenging and powerful way to create change. It’s about truly listening to your body. 
Listen to the tape in your head during class (your running thoughts) and notice if they are building you up or bringing you down. This month try to choose to notice something awesome about yourself each time you take a class- and give yourself the gift of that affirming feedback.  Then carry this practice with you throughout the day by continuing to notice the things that make you special and amazing. Notice unique and beautiful things about the other people around you and share those thoughts with them. It can be incredibly powerful to really SEE the good in yourself and to let people know that you really SEE the good in them.
This month, I challenge you to ask for feedback, even though it may be scary… and to listen to the feedback in your life that may not necessarily be spoken.
Thanks for being here,
— Jill