February is about LOVE! We tend to think about this month and the Valentines Holiday as loving others, but the most important person we can truly love is ourselves. When we love ourselves we have a much greater capacity to love others.

In February our Dailey Method message is “just the way you are” to celebrate self-love and Valentine’s Day… because right now is perfect, it’s where you are and how you should be at this moment.

It is our mission to help you achieve synergy- a connection between mind and body so this month we will be focusing on awakening your passion-for yourself! We believe you are all beautiful #justthewayyouare. And want you to believe it too.

So for the month of February, post a candid photo of yourself or someone you care about – because you love them “just the way they are”, unposed and natural! Post on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #justthewayyouare. Winners will be announced March 7th!

Here are a few of the submissions we have already received.


Love yourself, love your body, because you are perfect #justthewayyourare

— Jill