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“Play is the highest form of research” – Albert Einstein

This is a word that definitely resonates for me. I love to play. Laughing is a form of play and is one of my favorite things – to do, to hear and to inspire. Play = fun and who doesn’t like fun?

There are quite a few myths out there about play that I’d love to expel – in order to open up to a freer, more fun life.

Myth #1 – Play is for children. This is only believed because as we get older and busier we forget the joy and fun that play can add to our lives.

Ways to Play:

  • Connect with your inner-child (remember what it was like to just feel and flow and be free). Skip, twirl, dance.
  • Make mistakes and be silly. My kids and I FaceTime a lot. Sometimes I pretend the camera has frozen and I pull the most ridiculous expression and wait how long it takes them to figure it out. It’s hilarious (in my opinion) and it makes us both laugh.
  • Don’t take things so seriously. One of my all time favorite pastimes is watching the Flash with my boys – superheroes rock! I can seriously (or not so) say it’s my favorite show.
  • Play with connection -really see people, feel people, feel yourself and your own heart. Smile at people, joke a bit in the grocery line, tickle your kids. Just making eye contact is super simple way of playing and connecting.

Myth #2 – Play isn’t productive. Play can be hugely productive. Not only can it help you have a deeper connection with those around you, it can also help you find your edge and actually work deeper in your TDM class.

Ways to Play in your TDM practice:

  • Play with boundaries. What’s the lowest position you can get into in narrow V while still maintaining alignment? On your next repetition, see if you can get back to that same place, or maybe a ¼  inch lower.
  • Play with your comfort zone. Go just a little bit further than you are comfortable with, and then next time, a little further. This is how you grow!
  • Let go of fear. If you’re afraid of interval, take a class and just do your best. If there’s a teacher that challenges you, embrace it and sign up for his or her class. Face your fears, and get stronger for them!
  • Play with movement / dance / creative free expression. Dance a little to the songs that fire you up or create the soundtrack of your life!

Myth #3 – Play isn’t important ……. Play is transformational! There is a Sanskrit word “Lila” which is a belief that all creation is the result of “cosmic creative play!” Play takes on a whole new meaning when we open to the idea that play is about the highest creative expression for individuals and each of us stepping into our unique (only-we-can-fill) Puzzle Piece in this Universe!

So this month: Play hard. Get dirty. Be free. And have fun Dailey!

— Jill and Lorna