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My life may have a bit of chaos (65 studios and 3 kids… hello!) but overall chaos unsettles me, order aligns me. I know I can get my best work done when my space is organized. I know that I am able to relax more and have my most authentic time with my kids when there’s not %^$$# everywhere!

I spent a part of the weekend cleaning out my closet, my drawers and a couple cabinets in the kitchen. I might be crazy but when I walk into the space I feel myself settle just a little more deeply than before. And that is why I love to spring clean, summer clean, fall clean and winter clean. I’m a huge purger!

By the way, I found out that I still have 16 pairs of panty hose in various colors. I hope they never come back in style but am holding on to them… just in case… don’t want to waste money. 🙂

So here’s a few places I purge to be more productive:


This is something I do regularly. I organize by item and color. See what I have before the season starts (sometimes you’ll be tempted to buy a “repeat” and seeing what you have can save you money). Then I get rid of what I don’t wear (unless it’s a classic and I can picture myself in it when I’m 80, like the pantyhose) and take the unused items to resale, give to a friend, or donate to a local charity.


It is hugely rewarding to clean out the refrigerator. I love this process. I grew up doing it for my Mom. And oftentimes when I go visit, that’s a “gift” I give her. I love being able to SEE and truly know what I have. I also make some of my most creative meals after cleaning out the fridge! And I finally get to have all of my tupperware back in use for lunches!


I’m recommitting to a meditation practice right now. I know how important it is. I want it. I need it and I’m going to do it!


My kids (actually one of my kids) totally dilly dally leaving school. Sometimes I have a good 10 minutes to clean out my car. I could build a whole Lego town with all pieces I’ve taken out of the car in my lifetime. It makes me happy to drive a clean car. The reverse is annoying. And don’t forget the glove compartment!


Need I say more? Having a clean inbox might be the best feeling in the world! And that is why this is my task on planes. When I have that focused (no place to run) chance to clear it out. It’s amazing how much I can trash!


I had a friend do this for me a couple years ago, clean out everything and organize it brilliantly. It definitely inspired me to periodically do the same thing. Not only is it great to have a tidier pantry but it also helps you assess all of your food and purge things that might not be the healthiest for you. And it’s another creative meal opportunity!

Here’s to a healthier, lighter you!

— Jill