This year my birthday falls on Thanksgiving, so I figured it was a great opportunity, especially with this month’s focus on gratitude, to share what I am most thankful for. My original idea was one for each year I’ve been alive, but then acknowledged that that would not only be daunting to write, but also to read! So I decided that in order to represent each year (yes, I’m divulging) I’ll do 4 for each decade and 6 for each additional year.

What I’m grateful for….

1. My Parents- for the foundation, unconditional love and ethical upbringing that they instilled in us every day.
2. My husband Doug- for believing in me, supporting my dream and vision and adding his own vision to it to help create what we have together.  Also for doing the work that is needed to keep it all together!
3. My children- for choosing me as their mother, bringing so much joy into my life and making it their job to teach me to be patient every single day. Yes, every single day.
4. My health- I’m grateful everyday for my body and mind and appreciate how they work together to allow me to experience this beautiful life.

1. My Dailey Method community of studio owners and teachers- for bringing their own passion to the Dailey Method and putting their hearts and souls into the class, the community and the company. I continue to learn and grow because of this amazing community of inspiring women and teachers.
2.My besties- (and you know who you are!) for being my sounding board, my support and continually keeping it real and fun!
3. My sisters- I love them both and am grateful that they also dove into my dream. I know that I always have their support and love, which feels incredible. 
4. My teachers- I have been so blessed with amazing mentors in my life, from my first anatomy teacher in college that made me LOVE this stuff to my most recent yoga teacher, Maritza. I continue to expand and realize how much further I have to go.  I promise to never stop learning!
5. For where I live- to be in a community of like-minded people, have mountains and sunshine around me every day and the best organic market in the whole world right around the corner. Yes, Good Earth could be a category all in itself but I don’t have enough room!
6. Music and dance- I love to dance, to watch dance performances, to listen to great music and to see live bands. These moments make me feel more alive and touch a part of my soul in a singular way.
I have loved having a month of reflection on gratitude; I practiced it in many ways and truly learned from it. I had a moment when the kids were all screaming in the car and I wanted to join in and I stopped myself and thought, “what am I grateful for right now?” and came up with “the chaos.”  The practice of gratitude this month taught me that there is something special, even in the most frustrating moments, if I just take the time to be grateful.
Finally, I am grateful for all of you. I know that the reason there are 55 Dailey Methods and that I get to do what I love most in the world everyday is because you appreciate the class, the culture and the brand. Thank you.

— Jill