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December Word of the Month: LOVE

Fall in Love! LOVE is our December word of the month. Think for a minute about the expression “fall in love” and what that takes. We don’t climb into love, or effort into love – we fall. To “fall” we really have to do three things: Allow, Trust and Surrender. Love is a theme during […]

Fit Tip: Thanksgiving "In Your Kitchen" Workout

Anyone who has ever hosted Thanksgiving knows that the prep begins many days if not weeks before. No matter how well you plan ahead, it’s hard to pull yourself out of the house that day to get into the studio – but if possible you should gift yourself that hour of calm before the storm […]

Dailey Gratitude Photo Round-Up

As many of you know, we began a 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge starting November 1. You can read more about it (and join us) here! It’s not too late… and it is super simple. Just follow the ‘dailey’ prompts below and share your grateful moments on instagram using the hashtag #daileygratitude. We’ve loved seeing […]

November Word of the Month: Discover

“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” – Buddha The beginning of Winter is an opportune time to DISCOVER our own inner landscape. Nature uses Winter as a time of nurturing and regenerating, and we can do the same – tuning inward to discover ourselves. […]

We Invite you to Join us for 30 Days of Gratitude!

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is part of the Dailey lifestyle. It strengthens the mind, body and spirit and we believe it is one of the most important steps to optimal health and wellness. So for the month of November, we invite you to join us in practicing gratitude DAILEY! For 30 days starting November […]

Fit Tip: 5 Simple Ways to Find Balance

We incorporate at least one (if not more!) balancing poses into every TDM class and we do so for a reason. Because balance is really important! Of course it is important from a physical standpoint (and translates to other activities such as hiking, skiing, etc.) but balance in the body also helps with balance in […]

October Word of the Month: Balance

“It’s all about balance.” How often do you hear that? Say that? We spend a lot of time and energy trying to understand and achieve “balance” in life – but finding balance is a journey not a destination; a practice not an achievement. Balance is not about either where we were or where we are […]


The change of seasons, for me, is a time of reflection and anticipation of what’s ahead. It’s also a time of year that I take stock of all the things I’ve accomplished, the milestones my children have reached and is a time to acknowledge the things I’ve done well so that I have the motivation […]

Join us for Dailey Fest 2015!

It’s almost impossible for me to believe it’s been 15 years since we began The Dailey Method (more on that next week). And we want to celebrate in style… So for one day we are going to have a Dailey Fun-Filled Fest. There will be food, there will be drinks, there will be music and […]

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