When we chose our April theme for our studios: Self Care, Earth Care – I was inspired first by how widely understood it is that it positively impacts everyone around us when we commit to our own self-care. As I’ve gotten older, I have realized that oftentimes taking care of myself in the healthiest of ways directly translates to my contribution to taking care of our planet.

Example: Plastic is incredibly harmful for our environment. In 2018, plastic production and incineration added as many greenhouse gases to the atmosphere as 189 coal-fired power plants. Plastic can also create harm to us as humans. Particles from plastic (especially microplastics) can enter our system through plastic food containers, water bottles, and air. Microplastics can cause many toxic health impacts. So not only is plastic toxic to us, but it also toxifies our planet. (ciel.org and weforum.org)

Listen – I still use plastic products at times. That said, I intentionally seek opportunities to learn how to choose more sustainable products, both in ingredients and in the packaging. Doing so aligns with my larger vision of what true health and well-being actually is at its source. My dedication to shifting focus towards this greater goal makes me feel good since it supports my efforts to expand upon my commitment to the wellness industry. After all, I believe the little things we do each day add up to something bigger for ourselves, our planet, and our children.

Here are some small ways to minimize your footprint: I challenge you to just choose one small thing. Whether big or seemingly insignificant, each of our contributions adds up together to create REAL change.

  • Choose (even if it’s 1 or 2) biodegradable products. One of my favorite things is a subscription to Earth Breeze. This company helps eliminate a tremendous amount of plastic waste.
  • Have fun trying a new vegetarian meal each week; get creative!
  • Use less electricity. Turn off the lights and take a bath. Read a book instead of watching TV.
  • Ride your bike. Your body will thank you, and so will our air quality.
  • Try indoor cycling – you don’t have to plug in to do that!

Minimizing your footprint can also easily be incorporated into your self-care routine. There are also great environmentally friendly products that you can incorporate into your regime in a more literal sense. A great easy way to do this is using apps like Think Dirty or EWG Healthy Living. These platforms analyze ingredients in your favorite personal care and household products and help you select products that are safe and kind to your body and our planet.

When we take care of ourselves, we inevitably show up for others in a more loving, engaged, and balanced way. This includes our planet. It is possible to incorporate environmentally friendly steps into your self-care routine; however, you don’t have to lock yourself into how this looks. If your self-care routine is take-out and movie night in, so be it; you’re setting yourself and our world up for success by indulging and taking care of yourself.

Love yourself. Love your planet.