The Season of Evolution

I absolutely love Fall!

This season is without a doubt the craziest time of the year for me, but professionally it’s consistently my most inspirational. It’s a time when we hold our continuing education platforms at The Dailey Method in three major Dailey Method markets in the U.S for the purpose of evolving and honing our already AMAZING class. I also get to spend quality time with people I love who share the same passion as I do and who uphold my favorite Dailey Method Core Value: Always be a student!

Every Fall the Master Teacher Trainer Team consisting of Kerry Corcoran, Emily Blanchard Zega, Katina Griffin and I, plan, tweak and execute our workshop intensive series in Chicago, Southern California and the Bay Area. Throughout the year leading up to our intensives, we discuss areas of growth, gain clarity on questions we receive from our students and teachers and assess all the ways we can create a continuing education curriculum relevant to where TDM is RIGHT now. We adopt the belief and embody the idea that we can always grow – not only as a business but as individuals too.

The birth of that growth always begins in the class setting with a ton of willingness to look at our student’s successes, their overall needs or struggles as well as where there may be room for evolution in the workout so that TDM can continue to deliver the best, most balanced results for our community.


We travel together, teach together and as a result so many gifts are born from the experience. Teaching is, and probably always will be, my favorite thing to do. Ever.

Two things that excited us at TDM in 2016 and that we felt we must delve deeper into and teach to others are:

#1. Balancing out our front body work with the back body work in our classes. When people generally think about their “core” they think about abdominal muscles, but our core is so much more than that. It’s the corset of muscle and fibers that surround and support our entire torso. “Core” spans from our pelvis to our neck, front and back three dimensionally. It’s fascinating how much deeper we can take our practice when we understand and FEEL this wrap-around effect. I’m so excited about some of the new exercises we’re introducing into our classes that help address this concept and help each TDM student become stronger and achieve even more balance in their bodies.

#2. Range of motion of our spine. True articulation and being able to find the greatest length possible while we balance the strength and mobility component on each and every vertebrae is paramount to longevity in movement.
We’ve begun incorporating even more exercises into the TDM workout to assist you with creating optimal spinal health within your own body and I have to say, the feedback we are receiving is that students feel absolutely challenged and are loving it!


The spine is our central life-force and is our messaging center for every bit of movement we will ever take in our lives. It is inside (quite literally!) our “center” – our body!

Evolution, change and true transformation occurs when we pay attention and nurture ourselves from the inside FIRST, both in our TDM workout platform and in our journey throughout our lives.

Join me and let’s transform together!