We wanted to introduce you to our incredible Dailey Cycle Master Trainers: Kim, Lynette & Shauna. To get to know them better (they are pretty great!) we thought we would share a typical day in the life. Let the introductions start…


Meet Kim. 

Wife, Mother, Personal Trainer, Cycle Coach and Recreational Writer. Married to Brent and we have 2 kids: Ben (16 and just started driving!) and Hope (14) and 2 dogs Lottie (our Matriarch, Shih Tzu) and Jetta (our Bodyguard, German Shepherd).



Some of my Favorite Things: MUSIC !!!   BOOKS !!!!    CANDLES!!!   ESSENTIAL OILS !!!!    COZY BLANKETS!!!! QUIET TIME, FAMILY,  FRIENDS,  RED WINE,  SUNSHINE, HOT TEA, Mexican Food, and GOOD OL’ Southern Cooking

6:45 a WAKE UP and see my kids and husband off to school and work.

7:15a COFFEE and QUIET TIME!!!   I pray and plan my day.  I also put finishing touches on my class.


8:30a TEACH a ROCKIN’ CYCLE 45 CLASS to my loyal and fun Lake Forest Dailey Method crew.   My stage name is Kardio Kim or Killer Kim depending on the day.   I definitely unleash another personality when I’m coaching on the bike.  I typically burn up to 200 more calories dancing off the bike during class 🙂


9:30a Take a Dailey Barre Class 1-2x per week or do a weight circuit training workout

11:00 Run errands which almost always includes a grocery stop and some kind other kind of shopping or to-do list for the family.  I’m the QUEEN OF MULTI TASKING as I’m always hitting SHAZAM finding new songs or tagging songs I haven’t used in a while.   I Shazam literally everywhere I go !!!!

1:00p Home for lunch which is usually a salad.   I COULD LIVE ON TOMATO & AVOCADO!  I also love peanut butter and banana.

1:30p Shower if I’m lucky and answer emails and return phone calls.   ESCAPE into music as I listen and research songs for my next classes.   Again, the QUEEN of MULTI TASKING  **I do laundry in between all this **  .    

3:00p I usually have to pick up one or both kids from school.   It’s snack time, homework time, more laundry time, and think about, “What’s for dinner?”  time.   


4:00p HOT TEA and QUIET TIME !!!!!     More emails or planning classes.

5:00p Dinner prep time.  Listen to more music while I’m cooking, and I clean as I go.  I’m usually dancing around the kitchen island.   I’m a little bit rock n roll,  a LOT country, Pop, Hip Hop, Alternative ~   basically, I LIKE IT ALL !!!!

SONGS I’M CURRENTLY CRUSHING ON:   Setting the World On Fire by Kenny Chesney and P!nk,  Makin’ Me Look Good Again by Drake White,  Perfect Illusion by Lady Gaga,  Starboy by the Weeknd, A Few More Cowboys by Toby Keith, Scars To Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara, Hurts by Emilie Sande, 11 Blocks by Wrabel, Closer by the Chainsmokers,

24K Magic by Bruno Mars, anything and everything by NEEDTOBREATHE, and anything by Calvin Harris or David Guetta, and I could go on for days.  

6:45p   Dinner with the family 🙂  We always go around the table and play, “Good Thing, Bad Thing”, where we share one good thing and one bad thing about our day.    It’s a great bonding time during the 30 min a day we get to spend with each other until the weekend comes.

7:30p Watch TV with my husband while the kids finish homework.  Wednesday night is family night as we all gather around to watch Survivor !!!!  

10:00p Get to bed and read a while or snuggle with my husband and drift off to snoozeville………………….


Meet Lynette. 

I usually wake up early (even on days I don’t teach the 6am class).  My feet hit the floor, I splash some water on my face, and I’m out the door with this little cutie (Rennie) for our morning walk!


Get Ready (i.e.: give me coffee)

It’s time for breakfast, which always includes a tall glass of water mixed with fresh lemon juice, tumeric, and a dash of cayenne pepper.  I know we’ve blogged about this little elixir before, but I really do love it!  Breakfast always, always includes a cup of black coffee (no coffee, no workee) and some sort of make ahead breakfast item. I like eating something that is simple and healthy yet will stick with me until lunch, but let’s be real sometimes preparing something that fits that criteria is just too much thinking first thing in the morning.  So I help myself out by making some healthy, easily reheatable items in advance.  Here is a favorite crustless mini quiche recipe (I subtract the milk and add shredded spinach or zucchini).


Email! Next, I usually take a few minutes (let’s be honest, give or take an hour) to take a look at my schedule for the day and for email catch-up (does anyone send letters anymore?!) then I’m into my day.

My Jams…If it is a Monday or a Tuesday you can bet I’m checking out my “Discover Weekly” playlist from Spotify on my way to the studio/meetings/errands/wherever.  Each Monday Spotify creates a customized playlist for you (based on your listening patterns) filled with cool new tunes and artists that you may never have heard before!  I find it to be a great way to discover new music, which is essential for keeping my Dailey Cycle ride playlists fun and fresh.  

Make A Plan! Class planning takes up a good chunk of time which I love because it is SUPER fun!  I usually plan my Dailey Cycle classes for the week in advance.  I take a look at where I’m teaching and when and then get to crafting my rides.  This way I can make sure my riders are getting those heart pounding, spirit lifting, balanced, challenging, amazing, fun Dailey Cycle classes from day to day and across the week.


Kale Yeah!! Time to fuel up for the rest of the day! I love a good kale salad (with avocado please) for lunch. My favorite place to grab one in DC is sweetgreen, in Dallas it’s Be Raw, and in Chicago it’s Goddess & Grocer.


Let’s Ride!  I LOVE getting on that bike and leading our incredible and inspiring TDM students through these rides.  It’s sweaty, loud, fun, and really transformative.  It is such a privilege to be a part of someone’s fitness journey!  To see people grow stronger and stronger and more confident in their abilities is truly extraordinary…easily the best part of my day.


Raise the Barre. As often as I can, I make sure to get myself to the barre. First of all, Dailey Barre is where I first fell in love with The Dailey Method. Plus, Our Dailey Barre classes are the best around! And it is a perfect complement to our Dailey Cycle rides, offering toning, strengthening, and additional stretching to keep my weekly workout regimen balanced and strong.

Cheers to #livingadaileylife


In the evenings I try to take time to connect and refresh. Sometimes that means journaling or reading and sometimes that means wine with friends. Either way, I think these moments are totally essential to my overall happiness, health and well being. One of the things I love about The Dailey Method is that we focus on promoting holistic health and fitness. Our practice is about the whole person, aligning head and heart, soul and spine. It is about finding our best and brightest selves at the barre, on the bike, and in our daily lives. Cheers to that!


Meet Shauna.

I am 2nd one in from the right in this pic (in the light green tank).

Dailey Method Spin Studio

7:00a Fortify!  My pre-Cycle breakfast of choice is two gluten-free waffles with prosciutto.  Gives me all the fuel I need to teach two classes and feels just the tiniest bit indulgent! Note the cycle jammies.


8:00a Last minute class tweaking in the car.  Teaching Dailey Cycle is all about planning a challenging, fun, and balanced class and knowing your music cold.  There’s nothing more satisfying than every rider hitting the chorus of a new jam with a big power push!  And yes, those are my pants.  #sunglassesnecessary


8:45a – 11:00a I adore my Monday #DaileyDouble.  My Monday riders are sweet, smart, and so frickin’ strong.  It’s been amazing to watch them grow in their practice over the last year that we’ve offered Dailey Cycle in Berkeley. There’s plenty of laughing and chatting before class but during the ride, they are a focused, intense pack.  I know they’re working hard because when I gleefully ask them how they’re doing (always during the most brutal moments of class) they either grunt or curse!  By the time they get through the floor portion to final stretch, they are sweaty, vibrant, and proud.  What a way to launch the week! #yourcursingmotivatesme  #THISISWHATYOUCAMEFOR

11:00a – 5:00p So that’s the end of the day right?  Mission accomplished?  Nope!  After recovery tacos, I switch into voice teacher mode.  In my life outside of Dailey Method, I am a classical singer and voice instructor at several Bay Area colleges, choral programs, and in my own private voice studio.  Becoming a Dailey Method instructor was the best thing that ever happened to my voice teaching.  Gaining a greater, more holistic understanding of the entire body has helped me understand the intricacies of the voice more deeply and communicate with my students more effectively. Truly #livingaDaileylife in every moment!


5:45p FUSION.  Now, I do not play favorites with my teaching, but I gotta say that Monday 5:45pm Fusion in Piedmont is special.  Just like the Monday morning Cycle team, there is amazing camaraderie in this class every week.  Our students are loving the powerful, balanced blend of Interval and Barre that Fusion offers.  One of my favorite things about both teaching and taking the Dailey Method is that it’s constantly evolving to best serve students.  Dailey Cycle and Fusion are two fantastic examples of our continued growth. This Fusion pic is from our SoCal Barre Intensives. How many amazing owners and instructors can you spot? Can you find our fearless leader Jill Dailey?


7:00p Bedtime. After a packed day of teaching, I settle in to do some administrative work and get some cat love.  I am a crazy cat lady so no post of mine would be complete without Lola and Merlin.  Merlin doesn’t make it easy to grade but they calm my buzzing mind after an inspiring day of teaching.  I have a wonderful husband too who spends the evening grading and preparing to teach his high school history students. Did anyone notice that spreadsheet is DAILEY colors?  That beautiful touch is courtesy of East Coast Master Teacher Trainer – Lynette.  I fell a little more in love with her when I saw that!


I am grateful for my wonderful work and Dailey community every single day.  Thanks for following me along my #DaileyDay! To see more of my Dailey, kitty, and food fun, follow me on Instagram @shaunabethNight night!