Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 8.14.06 AM-2I’m getting excited for our upcoming Align and Shine Challenge running May 2nd-May 29th!

I love the idea of bringing Dailey Method enthusiasts from around the world together to make a mindful attempt to improve one’s health and happiness. To deepen our alignment of Soul and Spine and Head and Heart. I hope you will join us in this movement towards practicing well-being.

It’s super easy- all you have to do is take 4 classes weekly and complete two tasks each day that will inspire you to get stronger, be more mindful and practice self-care Dailey!

We believe this challenge can transform lives. The benefits of alignment are massive:

  • When you align your heart, you can keep the things in your life that are positive and let go of the ones that don’t serve you.
  • When you align your spine, you relieve stress in your body and move through life with more ease.
  • When you align your soul, you’re able to see more clearly the right direction for your life to move in.

So how do you join us in this FREE challenge? Become more aligned in your life? Sign up here!

Here’s some ways to help you make the most success of your challenge!

1. Take four classes per week!

Four classes is my magic number. When I take four classes, I still can feel my practice grow. I continue to get stronger, feel more confident and become the best I can be! I encourage all of you to make a commitment to join me in the goal of bettering ourselves and our practices.

2. Prioritize those 4 classes a week to allow you to shine and feel your best, especially when life makes it challenging.

I know I’ve said this before, but just because I own several studios doesn’t mean I get to automatically work out every day. I look at my calendar each week and schedule in my workouts. If I’m short on time to practice at the studio, I schedule a 30 minute streaming video and do one at home by myself.

There is tremendous value for me in that time in class as it relates to my life outside of the studio. For instance, I will forgo that extra hour of sleep to get up and take the 6am class if that is the ONLY chance I will have that day due to kids activities, work, social plans, etc. As the value of that hour in class outweighs that extra hour of sleep because I will feel capable, strong, centered and clear for the rest of my day. You will too!

3. Be organized and make commitments!

  • meet a friend at the barre vs happy hour (you can always grab a bite after), plan your classes weekly
  • meal plan if you are doing The 30 Clean and organize your food to nourish your body while you invest in yourself
  • mix it up and try a different class time or format (online vs in studio, interval vs barre, etc)

Join me next Tuesday, April 26th 6-7pm PST for a Facebook Live Q&A on our upcoming Challenge from the comfort of your home.

During the hour, I will be answering your questions LIVE on our upcoming Challenge. So grab your computer and join us for good conversation and giveaways. We are so excited to get this party started!

The Dailey Method is here to move you, to help you expand your mind and alter your body in the best way possible! #livingadaileylife

— Jill