May is mental health month and marks a moment in time where critical awareness is placed on such an important focus. The well-being of so many people in our lives is dependent upon how much attention we set on supporting ourselves and each other both during blissful and challenging times as well as amidst joy and life’s inevitable hardships. 

One of the ways I work to nurture my own mental well being is through movement and since I have witnessed firsthand how moving our bodies can heal, it is a continued desire of mine to encourage our students, communities around us and others in our world to do the same. When we build exercise into our lives and choose to move our body despite the obstacles we confront or even imagine, we undoubtedly begin a process that heals our minds. 

There is a powerful and extraordinarily beautiful connection that the mind creates with the body. It is present in ALL of us. We have all heard the phrase: “Healthy Body – Healthy Mind” as they are truly interconnected and meant to provide us access to the best quality of life possible. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not claiming that exercise fixes everything, but I do believe that it works to give us the strength, endurance and motivation to see anything through. This happens because the muscles of perseverance get fired up. Oftentimes it happens because we connect to nature or take the step to reach out to a family member to come with us. All in all – movement – or exercise of any kind does fix a lot and can be life changing when you commit to making it a true practice. Baby steps will always inch us closer towards optimal health and well being!

One of our primary focuses in a Dailey Method class is to help you keep your mind engaged throughout your movement. We continually aim to support you to step into your own body by highlighting your awareness of your own alignment and by giving you the tools to tune into your deepest engagement. This 45 -60 minutes becomes a sort of moving meditation that provides you the space to explore all of the nuances of your body’s individualized movement. Even better, when you set an intention to carry what you learn in class into your day-to-day life, you are guaranteed to kickstart positive changes in both the way you experience your inner power and how you are able to live inside of your unique physical strength. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the reference to class being a sanctuary and how once completed, makes people feel better walking out than how they felt walking in. Participating in the practice of health and movement, 100% makes us better moms, people, friends, partners and employees. All of these feelings you get from taking a class somehow helps ease parts of mental anguish that will inevitably, at times, reside in all of us.

Here are just some of the mental benefits of exercise:

  • Releases feel-good brain chemicals
  • Helps bring your focus to the present
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Provides a supportive community
  • I encourage you this month to look at movement as healing. Although we love seeing you in the studio there are a thousand different ways to invite movement into your life.

A few examples:

  • Take a walk in nature
  • Go on a bike ride with a friend
  • Do squats while you’re making dinner
  • Tend your garden
  • Swing your kids around
  • If you’re feeling like you just want to sit down – find a rocking chair and engage your core. Or even better a swing.  😂

It doesn’t need to be a lot. But it could add up over your day. Do it for your body, your mind and your soul. 

You deserve it. 

With love,