I don’t have a lot of time in my day to spend on social media. Which is one of the reasons I ??  Instagram so much. It allows me a quick daily glimpse into what my friends are doing, keep up to date with The Dailey Method studios around the world and also get inspiration from some amazingly talented people – all in a manner of a few minutes a day. Here are some of my personal favorites:



I’ve been following this one for a couple years. Usually a couple shots post a day and they are all truly beautiful. Makes me want to get up a dance.




This is a friend of mine and an incredibly talented interior designer. I love seeing her posts for inspiration and aspiration.  SOMEDAY!!




I really like these posts. She’s an incredible photographer and shows sneak peeks into motivating and inspiring women everywhere.




I just started following this one recommended to me by a very smart friend. Healthy food, healthy tips and healthy lifestyle. My kind of girl!




This company was on the forefront of the social media craze and they have done an amazing job with their brand. It’s where I learn about all the new healthy additions to New York. One of my all time favorites!




I love the look of this site and their items are beautiful. Great place to get ideas for decor, gifts, and fashion.



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