Sometimes I have so much gratitude for what I get to do for a living, and that’s definitely how I’ve felt the last two weeks.

I just got back from a whirlwind trip on the East Coast. Starting in Loudoun, Virginia and Washington DC I taught classes (one to the wives of the Redskins players), took classes from studio owners and taught workshops to an engaging and passionate teaching staff. 4 Dailey Method studios opened on East Coast within the last year and I appreciated the opportunity to get to see all of the owners during my stay and witness the incredible community and support they’ve created out there.


Then, I was off to NY. I love this city – it inspires me, excites me and helps me find greater appreciation for my life when I return. Appreciate that I don’t normally have to run 100 miles an hour like everyone does in NY. My Master Teacher trainer Katina Griffin met me there and together we Dared to Bare. It was an amazing event put on by the Movemeant Foundation that brought so many brave people together for a cause that is unbelievably important and a huge part of why I do what I do. To inspire acceptance of our inside/out beauty. Regardless of where we are in our life.



I took 10 different classes at different hot studios during the week I was there. I was instructed and inspired by some excellent teachers. I didn’t love every class I took but even when I don’t have the best experience in a class I can still learn something from it. This is my favorite way to work on product development and support my passion for always being a student. If you ever need NY class recommendations check out my Instagram account to see what and who were my choices on this trip.



Then the finale was 2 pop up classes on the rooftop of the (super cool!) Refinery Hotel with the help of Emily Montgomery (TDM’s amazing Marketing and Social Media Director), Tami Conway (Chicago Studio owner) and the company Wellthily. We had a great turnout of students. Some that are students with The Dailey Method and happened to be visiting the city, some who now live in NY and were excited to have us present, and some new people that have never tried us before.