I chose the word of the month for October as Brave because this weekend I am faced with something that I need to draw from my bravery in order to accomplish. This Sunday I’m teaching a benefit class for Dare to Bare in NY and I have to teach in a sports bra. Yes, bared midriff. And this might surprise you (and give you hope?) that we are all vulnerable whoever we are, whoever we are supposed to be. I like my body, NO, I love my body. It’s a wonderful thing and I mean that in no self-centered way at all. We all should. I appreciate my strength and fitness and form. But I don’t flaunt certain parts of my body. Partially by upbringing, added on by having three children, and then of course there’s the annoying little voice inside my head that likes to make me insecure by constantly pointing out my “imperfections”.

I’ve never worn a crop top. Never. I wear a sports bra (or no bra) every day. But I wear a longer top over it always. Low back tops? I wear those all the time, my favorites. I’m not hugely endowed and I’m fine with that, so cleavage (or where it’s supposed to be)- don’t mind showing that part of my body. My friend Lorna said “if it’s Dare to Bare you should get to choose what you bare- you should wear a thong!” She loves me- and knows me- and that would almost be easier, because I don’t particularly mind my ass. And also because I did that in the 80’s. Yes…. we all did. My primary point of insecurity in my body has always been my stomach (must I say abdominals, core, midsection?). So for me to get up and teach in a sports bra will take bravery. But I’m embracing it. I’ll take the challenge. I’ll face my vulnerability and encourage others to do the same. I want to be BRAVE. I am brave.

The point is- we all need to learn how to accept our bodies. They are amazing. They work so hard everyday without us even having to think about it. Where we are today is where we’re supposed to be. I’m very fit, I’m very strong, I live a healthy lifestyle. I’m still not “perfect”. But who is? And who would want to be? That would be boring.

To be confident with ourselves, accepting of ourselves, is what women all over the world need to see- to emulate- to become. Self Love…let’s have it and spread it. And embrace it, when we receive it.