Cleansing seems to be all the rage these days.  I frequently hear people talking about cleanses they are doing, and I get asked my opinion on cleansing a lot! I am generally a very healthy eater so had never thought I particularly needed to do one, but I had gotten a growing chorus of requests from students and friends for The Dailey Method to do a community cleanse. I know that I prefer a food cleanse to an all juice because it feels healthier, is more sustainable and can better translate to our everyday diets, so I began doing research to find one that aligned with my own and TDM’s values.

The one that really spoke to me was The Conscious Cleanse, which is a whole food based program, so last June I participated in their 14-day program. The goal of this cleanse is to introduce a diet free of all common allergens which helps reduce inflammation in the body – the root of many ailments. At the end of the cleanse, you learn how to re-introduce these foods back into your diet (if you so choose) to find out exactly how they affect you personally. This method allows you to easily get information from your own body about which shifts you need to make to feel your best. It also is a great reset for our systems and helps to curb any food cravings or bad habits. 

I was surprised by what a great experience it ended up being for me. Because you get to eat food without calorie restrictions, I didn’t feel hungry or deprived. Coffee was the hardest thing to give up, but I allowed myself some leeway and had decaf for the first couple of days and after that I honestly didn’t even want it. I noticed quite a few shifts towards more optimal health- my skin looked great, I felt incredibly well rested and some of my annoying hormone fluctuations were alleviated. I am now convinced that a twice yearly cleanse is something that I need for myself for optimal health.

We will be running a “Gear up for the Holidays” cleanse at our studios, which kicks off Nov. 2nd. This cleanse is suitable for meat eaters, vegans and raw foodies. You are encouraged to eat when you are hungry which makes this a great compliment to The Dailey Method. There is daily email support from the founders Jo and Jules and amazing recipes shared to help inspire and motivate you!

Because the program is an online cleanse, you will be able to connect with each other to create a community in your studio but also connect to other Dailey Method students from around the country. The cost of the cleanse is $199.00 but those who sign up before October 11 get a $25.00 discount. You can sign up and find out more details here. Use the code: EBCC113.

I look forward to doing this again, and this time with the support of all of you!

— Jill