In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we have chosen “support” as the TDM Word of the Month for October. This month we hope to support, not only breast cancer patients, survivors and their families, but all of our students at The Dailey Method. To me support means to provide strength when it is needed, to provide foundation when unstable and to help as a guide to someone as they are moving towards a new or unfamiliar place.

Through my own experience with a breast cancer diagnosis, I learned the value and meaning behind having a support system. It was those around me who gave me strength, provided my foundation and helped guide me during that difficult time. You may be strong when you are alone, but you are unstoppable when you have a supportive team in your corner.

I hope this month can be a time when teachers and studio owners focus even more fully on supporting our students and each other. Whether it’s a smile and a warm welcome as we walk through the door, discovering a new way to help someone in their TDM practice or sharing something on a personal level that helps provide support for a difficulty one may be going through, it really can make all the difference.  I truly believe (and see everyday!) that TDM is far more than just a fitness class… It is a place that brings together strong, like-minded souls that create an amazing community, one that each one of us contributes to and leans on when support is needed.

As a further way to provide support this month, TDM studios across the world will be offering special donation classes and selling limited edition TDM pink grip socks and pink ribbon t-shirts. The proceeds of which will go to two great organizations, To Celebrate Life and Bright Pink.  You can find the times and dates of these classes at your local TDM Studio.

I thank each and every one of you for the constant support that you have given me and look forward to a wonderful month of returning that back to you!
— Jill