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This was a tough subject for me-  because if you know me, you know I’m a quite transparent person, so you may already know everything. But I delved deep.

  1. I’m really transparent.
  2.  I’m scared of spiders. Julius (my 11 year old son) removes them for me. He takes them outside, of course.
  3. Fold over is my most dreaded seat work. I won’t check the choreography schedule on the days I take class and don’t teach, for fear it will deter me.
  4. My very favorite seat work is kneeling.  LOVE!!! For so many reasons.
  5. I still get nervous when I teach sometimes, especially if it’s to a group of teachers and owners or a big crowd.
  6. I’ve finally learned how to handle my nervousness by cuing breath and breathing with my Students.
  7. I’m really good at math. Really good. Thanks Dad.
  8. I was trained in my good manners at “Images of Loveliness” as a young girl. I can get in and out of a car in a skirt like a lady. And I know the colors that best compliment my complexion. (Black,gray, blue- oops, maybe that’s just my style?)
  9. I don’t like to be touched in the front of my neck – I’ll slap you away.
  10. I’ll always order the grilled octopus on any menu.
  11. The spicier the better. For everything.
  12. My evening indulgence is fiction. I used to go through a book every 2-3 weeks. I’m really busy right now so it’s more like 4-6 but I LOVE to read.
  13. I love superheroes. I will watch any movie or TV series about them.  Thank god I had boys!!
  14. The Flash is my favorite. Sometimes you’ll find me sporting lightning bolts in his honor.
  15. I had kids so I could go to kids movies and wouldn’t have to be the weird old lady in a Disney movie all by herself.
  16. My favorite show as a kid was I Dream of Jeannie.  I really wanted to be her. Still kind of do.
  17. Tequila (anejo), bourbon (rye), and red wine (French) are my drinks of choice. Depends on my mood and who I’m with. You know who you are.
  18. I hate a messy house. I’m trying to learn how to accept my house being messy. I really hate it when my house is messy.
  19. Definitely dark chocolate- the rest is a waste of calories (in my opinion).
  20. I definitely have my opinions.
  21. I’m afraid I’ll never really be a meditator. I want to, I need to, it’s hard!
  22. I do therapy, regularly. I hate it, I love it, I need it.  And I highly recommend it.
  23. I dance by myself a lot.  Really… A lot.  Mostly when I’m creating new playlists but sometimes just because.
  24. I tell people I love them quickly- and I mean it. I fall in love with people easily. And out with difficulty. Once you’ve heard it, you pretty much get it forever. Even if you do something mean. I can’t let go of belief in the best in humanity.
  25. Neutral Spine alignment has changed my life.  Physically, mentally and professionally. What about you?  We want to see your pictures!! #livingadaileylife


With LOVE and transparency,