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July is a month that generally includes a ton of travel or time with family and friends that can sometimes pull us away from our regular routine. I chose “MOVE” for the word of the month for July to inspire us to get up and dance, walk, run, play and swim. To keep our Dailey practice when we can but to allow ourselves the opportunity to use and move our bodies in different ways when we’re on vacation rather than feel obligated to stick our normal day-to-day “routine”. Break it thoughtfully and with intention.

While away from my Bay Area studios, my exercise depends upon where I am. I’m fortunate enough that many places I travel to, there is a TDM studio nearby where I can go take a class In fact, I just took a class today in Naperville, Illinois while staying with my sister! When I’m in a city that doesn’t yet have a TDM like New York or London (my two favorites!), I search out every kind of class possible to take for inspiration and fun. But when I’m on a vacation and taking time away from the busy world, that’s not always where my mind space is. And I don’t think it should be. Sometimes, I opt out of class or seek out the chance to simply take a day off from exercise. I find that it’s enough for me to remain active – to move and take part in various activities so that I continue aligning with my intention to take care of my body and overall health but without the confines of having it “look like” the way I generally tend to MOVE. It’s more creative!!

Last week I visited Wisconsin and stayed at an amazingly, restful cabin with my kids, my Mom, my sister and her oldest son. What did I do during my “lazy” week in Wisconsin? Stand up paddle board, paddle boat, swimming with the kids, baseball on the lawn (I won!), walking around the lake and to all the meals (no golf cart ride for me like my “lazy” nephew!). But sometimes I chose to sit back on a lawn chair and read a book, take a nap or watch my kids amazing #neutralspine positions.

There are so many ways to get out and MOVE yourself. Ride your bike, roller skate, play tennis, dance around the living room to music, take a hike, walk instead of drive. And on cold rainy days when you’re stuck inside – stream your Dailey Method videos and get your practice in your hotel or living room anywhere! Or just watch a good movie. That can be moving too!

Here’s to a July in motion!