This year is the Dailey Method’s 15th anniversary, and it has been cause for a lot of reflection for me. Reflection on what life has taught me and continues to teach me, is something that I embrace and something that has helped me to grow over the years. In 15 years so much has changed from when Doug and I opened our first small studio in San Francisco. In that time The Dailey Method has grown into a company of over 60 studios worldwide with hundreds of employees. The subject for my blog this week was written prominently on my social media calendar, and it was fittingly supposed to be “15 lessons from 15 years,” but last weekend something devastating happened to the world of the woman who helped me to determine that subject, and it has made me reflect in a whole different direction: on the absolute fragility of life, on never taking anything or anyone for granted, and on nurturing all of our relationships and connections.

Chelsea Dinsmore, who has been part of the TDM family for over 6 years lost her husband Scott in a tragic accident while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. While spending a year traveling the world she remained a huge part of the TDM community and continued working with us by doing all the social media posts, helping me with my blog and giving me any other support that I needed. Despite being across and all over the world, she found a way to always be there for me, to support me.  Chelsea is my sister, my friend, my confidante, and my teacher. She is a beautiful spirit, has endless energy, and an amazing work ethic. Her passion for life, love, friends, and the Dailey Method have been inspiring people all year as we eagerly followed Chelsea and Scott on their journey. Wondering where they would turn up next, traveling the globe vicariously and enjoying every minute because it was so evident that they were enjoying every minute. They weren’t just talking the talk, they were walking the walk, living their legend.


Scott was an amazing entrepreneur who founded Live Your Legend, and whose life’s work was to help people engage in meaningful work that they are truly passionate about. Scott made a huge positive impact on so many people’s lives and has increased levels of happiness in the world exponentially. He has helped to awaken so many to their true purpose so that they can live their legend just as he was living his. This type of teaching has tentacles that are immeasurable. Sometimes just merely meeting someone who is living fully and engaged in meaningful work can inspire you to move more clearly in that direction. Scott’s legacy will continue and it is now up to us to ask ourselves if we are doing what really fuels us. If not (and even if you are and you want to do it better), I suggest taking a look at this inspiring teacher who has left us in form but has generously left behind a multitude of lessons. The latest being a very poignant reminder to unplug, look up and embrace the here and now.  Also, check out his TED talk.

So as I reflect on these last 15 years and ask myself if I am living my legend, I can honestly say yes! My passion for the work that I do has increased tremendously in the last 15 years. By focusing on doing meaningful work that I love, I have been able to align myself with the most amazing people who have formed a whole community around keeping the body strong and fit, because it is through the gift of our body that we experience all of life’s joys and weather it’s sorrows. The Dailey Method has brought me joy in so many ways that I never even fathomed.

So, with new eyes, here are my 15 lessons from 15 years:

  1. Be passionate and live passionately
  2. Do what you love, what helps keep you aware, awake
  3. Don’t let fear guide what you do- let your heart
  4. Choose the people in your life that make you feel supported
  5. Trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to let things and people go
  6. Trust others
  7. Ask for help
  8. Be a student in every aspect of your life- physical, spiritual, mental and emotional
  9. Be a teacher by example in all the same aspects
  10. Take failings and and mistakes as lessons to help you grow
  11. Say I’m sorry when you make mistakes
  12. Work hard
  13. Make a difference in this world
  14. Play hard
  15. Dance through life, let your spirit shine and live as fully as you can!

And finally, The Big Lesson which came in the form of a text from Chelsea after she told me the news. She said, “hold your little ones a little tighter tonight”. That statement encompasses a lot, but at its heart reminds me to love fully and to make sure that everyone that I love hears me say it. Whisper it and then if you need to, shout it out. I hope that all of you in my life that I love already know who you are but I want to say: i love you, I Love You! I LOVE YOU!

Here is beautiful memoir for a beautiful man. One that I wish I had known better.

I love you Chelsea, I love you Scott. I know your spirit will continue to live here with us and that you will keep your arms wrapped around your gorgeous wife forever.